I Found The Perfect Boyfriend

Published 2022-09-19
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the perfect man doesn't exi-

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  • Natalie Sipes
    don’t be silly kurtis, we all know the indoor boyfriend is the most perfect
  • Beth Thornton
    I love how an integral part of the fantasy is that the girl patiently waits until his game is over, like picture her just hovering there for 35 minutes
  • Devon S.
    the second this guy said "actively seek out hugs" i knew he says "where's my hug?" reflexively to every woman he is even slightly acquainted with
  • Mikey Is Cool
    I actually found out I’m trans because I never received clothing from this guy. True story.
  • jonah s
    if i had a nickel for every time kurtis wrote a song about being a boyfriend, i’d have two nickels. which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice, right?
  • Seirra Barnett
    Kurtis: sorry i dont have time for a more complex video
    Kurtis: acts out multiple Hollywood level skits & writes a disney song foy a tink tonk boi

    You're doing God's work Kurtis
  • Lilly
    i love how committed you are to never letting that horrible Ninja tweet be forgotten
  • Danijel Seep
    i dont know if its just me but this man is fucking terrifying. everything about him is so strangely chilling anytime i hear him say “ladies” i get full body chills. if i saw this man in public id run as far away as i could
  • Maksil Lorenzo
    It’s crazy that Kurtis thinks this video isn’t a big video - cuz the work and amount of editing in this is so much especially for on tour and in a hotel room
  • Sarah S.
    I’ve never been more uncomfortable. Thanks, Kurtis!
  • Amy
    I need to find this guy on twitch

    Edit: found him and watched his reaction stream to this video. He laughed a bunch and clearly found it funny, his chatters though- yikes. They were not happy to see their boyfriend being poked at. They had things to say about Kurtis’ mullet 😂😂😂 and also called his fans “toxic” for not understanding and being mean in the comments. Lol
  • Addie Loomis
    This man writing his own self insert fanfics, I respect it
  • Joseph Matthews
    This has to be parody. I can't live in a world where this dude is doing this unironically.
  • Vague Oracle
    People I have met that act like this end up being super controlling and abusive behind closed doors
  • I’m going to permanently have the phrase “let’s watch another tink tonk” in my head forever
  • Yawning Lion
    These videos really are way funnier if you interpret them as him talking to every single girl. Like, yes, yes it would be weird if you made my voice your alarm, we don't know each other, why do you love me
  • Wooderlyn
    Ya know this dude is definitely not the worst of the bunch, kinda weird how he poses it as a question like “is it weird that-“ instead of just being like “dude I’d love to just have romantic cute moments with a girl” because like, I don’t see anything wrong with saying how you want to do wholesome romantic things
  • honkity_
    as a woman i can confirm that yes every single piece of clothing i have has been personally chosen for me by this man
  • sibrilliant
    “Instead of lifting his shirt to show his abs, he lifts his shirt to show his heart” that was one of the best puns I’ve heard in a long time.