forgeting things with ranboo // a ranboo inspirated playlist

Published 2022-03-01

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  • zoe baker
    The fact that the first song is "in my head" just tells me that this is great playlist! You did an amazing job!
  • Liva Johannesen

    00:00 - In my head - Derivakat
    02:36 - Happy face - Jagwar Twin
    05:25 - Losing your memory - Ryan Star
    09:27 - Parents - YUNGBLUD
    12:18 - wtite it down - Derivakat
    15:20 - Vibrant eyes - CG5
    17:33 - My demons - Starset
    21:30 - Monster - Skillet
    24:26 - Boy in a bubble - Alec Benjamin
    27:26 - Deviltown - Cavetown
    30:26 - Boys will be bugs - Cavetown
    35:49 - Fallen down - Undertale the musical - song nr. 3
    39:01 - Cool kids - Echosmith
    42:58 - Blame it on the kids - AViVA
    46:15 - Panic room - Au/Ra
    50:07 - Treehouse - Emily Yacina, (Sandy) Alex G
    52:47 - Happy pills - Weathers
    56:08 - House of memories (slowed) - Panic! at the Disco

    Hope this helps :))
  • Neo
    gotta love how ranboo is quite litterally a y/n he wrote himself in, became the main character AND 'got together' with another character
  • Wulfgar 64
    Imagine renaming 'Everywhere at the end of time' to 'Forgeting things with ranboo' I think that could fit
  • forgotten0832
    At the point I’ve heard happy face is in this playlist I loved this playlist but then I’ve also heard vibrant eyes and I knew that this is my new favorite playlist.
  • wh0re4g0re
    Honestly its a little scary just how much I kin Ranboo.
  • All of these are such good songs, it makes me happy to see them all compiled for such a good character. You are doing the lord’s work, great job :}
  • Cupnoodles
  • Lola Lolz
    Woah, this video blew up, congrats on the views, the playlist is awesome :D
  • Smi3y Madi
    The fact that you put in monster by skillet just made my whole night thank you so much :)
  • K.C Lune
    what a good playlist! You've got good taste!
  • Lisbright
    17:30- 21:30 Que tiempos cuando veía nightmare,gacha y animatic con canciones como estas JAJA
  • Lyra Peachy
    can anyone tell me who the artist is? I need to follow them cause oh my god the drawing is stunning
  • theodore hazel
    yo these are some straight fuckin bangers tho god dam
  • 8-ball