20 Most RIDICULOUS Moments In NFL History..

Published 2023-11-10

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  • @Foxyfreedom
    I was laughing so hard at the mascots destroying the kids. I’ve never seen that so good
  • I love Sean's bodyguard bc his entire job is to act like Sean is his energetic toddler who keeps running all over.
  • @coolzxr
    that time when the scoreboard fell on the field was truly a crazy game. had a great view of it at citizens bank!
  • @kurtmorris454
    did I miss the scoreboard falling onto the field? What about Scruggs throwing his carrier down the drain for punching his GF in a Las Vegas cassino elevator?
  • @Billybob12380
    0:08 He starts to come an then pulls out is the most goofiest thing I heard today 💀
  • @nicktaylor2657
    The Odell Beckham Jr touchdown celebration was imitated by Elijah Moore at Ole Miss Was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct And the kicker missed the extra point that would of tied it 😂
  • @Death66636
    I'd be ejected from games multiple times for that no farting rule😂😂
  • @nwsmgquis
    That Plaxico situation still gets to me!
  • @Mahomieprod15
    Lamar had some cramps but it was in is stomach 😂😂
  • Where's the video where it says the screen fell on to the field during the game
  • Chiefaholics was not using his costume that he wore to games. That was just a false narrative put out by Pat MacAfee.
  • @ChrisC-op8ro
    Check out the Chiefsaholic mug shot. The guys next to him are named Johnny Swagger, arrested for "mischievous tomfoolery", and a white dude named "Hakeem Murry" 🤣
  • The Vikings halftime show it’s crazy because it’s getting them ready for the NFL😂
  • @rathofturkey
    That mascot vs kids half time game reminds me of that episode of Parks and Recreation where the kids were playing basketball against “kids their own age” and one of them is Chris Bosh. 😂
  • @tech4life884
    Every Coach in the NFL has a " Get back coach" guy who pulls the coach off the field.