Deadpool & Wolverine | Trailer

Published 2024-04-22
Found the guy who killed Bambi’s mom. #DeadpoolAndWolverine #LFG ❤️💛

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All Comments (21)
  • Logan: "I'm depressed, fuck off" Wade: "here's a yellow suit so you can be depressed but in yellow"
  • @CannonKushh
    The fact Ryan posted this instead of marvel makes it even better.
  • @TimeBomb014X
    Hugh Jackman should win some life time achievement award for playing the same character for over 2 decades
  • @AviseadWhiteh
    Who would have thought that a film that no one wanted to finance is today the one that will probably give Marvel the highest grossing of 2024.
  • The fact that Huge Jackman came back to do this with Ryan is just too special to put into words
  • @utkalpansare
    'You were an X-Man You were THE X-Man' Gave me goosebumps ❤❤
  • @andrewjelen1810
    Seeing Hugh Jackman wearing the classic Wolverine yellow and blue suit is unreal.
  • @RaytheWiseman
    "Unless you wanna take a deep breath through your fucking forehead" is now my favorite Deadpool line 😭
  • Deadpool and wolverine going on a family friendly adventure together to learn the power of friendship
  • @tobyduarte9849
    0:31 Damn Logan leaning into the gun with a smile kind of breaks my heart…
  • @LonelySandwich
    Crazy how the trailer Ryan uploaded is more popular than the one Marvel Studios did
  • @sahinduezguen
    “You're an X-Man. You're THE X-Man.“ Finally, someone got it and spoke it out loud!
  • @GrifVII
    The significance of the line, "You were an X-man. You were THE X-man" Hugh was the absolute front of the X-men franchise, and this line pays so much respect to that.
  • @illegalfoo6932
    I love how this trailer doesn't feel like the basic CBM formula it actually feels refreshing
  • @Dyslogix
    The fact Hugh got himself in mad shape, shows his dedication and his rigorous training paid off
  • @VJ4rawr2
    For a shred of a second... I was returned to a time where folks got excited about movies and experienced happiness.
  • @MehrdadParthian
    "whiskey dick of the claws, pretty common among wolverines above 40" is one of the best deadpool lines ever.
  • @TimeBomb014X
    After 15 years, we finally have Wade Wilson Deadpool teaming with Wolverine
  • @cggc9510
    Are we not going to talk about how they turned Like a Prayer into an action movie anthem?