Do these mental health products even do anything?

Published 2022-11-14

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  • lincoln
    One day i turned on drew gooden and my grandma immediately said “i hate this guy.” And i now i think about it everytime i watch him
  • geegeezlouis86
    Drew: "You know what else has Bluetooth and the ability to vibrate?"
    Me: 👁️👄👁️
  • Hannah H
    Watching Drew's cat in the background did more for my anxiety than any of these products probably would
  • hey man i really really appreciate you taking the time to explain briefly how hard panic attacks are to handle, not everyone gets it/hears about it and it helps to have people normalizing the debilitating effects anxiety can have. thanks!! :)
  • HelderRoze
    Drew speaking about mental illness and anxiety like it’s something natural. Thank you.
  • Noaart
    Poor kitty was just going to go in and out and probably in and out again, and now it is stuck with Drew's ramblings lol. Look how patient it is, waiting and grooming, and sleeping and walking around and not interrupting - very distinguished! (:
  • jan܁fm
    Wow, Drew! You got smarter and smarter over the course of the video. At the start of it, you bought these dumb products and at the end you stopped buying these dumb products.

    These things must work!
  • bilishu aliss
    The transformation of Drew’s content over the years from ranting about terrible influencers to terrible products is amazing and seamless.
  • Therese Ivy
    I find it adorable how Drew having two different hair colors fighting on his head makes him resemble Amity Blight if she was a grown ass man still throwing shade at Jeremy Renner lmao
  • moon_skittles
    Bim Bim giving herself an angry bath after Drew put his foot down on her kitty nonsense behavior made me kinda happy. 🤗
  • EnderAmethyst
    To me the pebble egg thing theoretically COULD do some good. Sort of like when a cat sits on your chest and purrs, a vibrating weight on a person with anxiety’s chest could work similar to a weighted blanket. Nothing medical about it, just comfort.
  • kitty boy !!1!
    I regret leaving the mental hospital if this is what I had waiting for me
  • Emma <3
    the way to tell how much time has passed has never been easier than watching drews blue hair slowly turn more and more into a seasick green while his roots grow in
  • I'll never skip Drew's ads because I'm worried he'll end up with credit card debt at the rate he's buying things
  • frying pan
    drew posted this vid right before i went to therapy, so i guess it was a nice reminder that i’m doing the right thing for my brain and not buying into these types of things lol
  • Evie
    i'd love to see drew do another one of these videos but partnering with doctor mike to actually fact check everything and have definitive proof or information about whether or not a stupid vibrator for your ears will cure your panic disorder :)
  • hypovisor
    this was like a real life flowers for algernon. drew became so much smarter from the vibrating plastic garbage and then he was a genius forever. I think that's how the story goes
  • I think the worst part is that these brands were actively targeting you because you had a break in your mental health. They’re praying on the fact that you need help, and they say they can sell it to you.

    I own a drawer of useless shitty stuff like this that I buy because I’d try anything to get some semblance of physical or mental health, and I guess on some level it’s obvious that these companies have been scamming me, but when you’re desperate, you don’t see that, you just see the little glimmer of help that throwing more money in this sinkhole will make it close up.
  • 08mlascelles
    Watching you comedically eviscerate these scumbag, predatory companies, who con desperate people suffering from very real mental health conditions was ironically extremely therapeutic! Thank’s Drew!