It's Been A While

Published 2024-07-08
A triumphant return and important message from Sam Riegel.

Thank you to USC Keck Medical Center & Sam's care team for keeping our boy Sam healthy. While Sam is not a doctor, we do encourage you to check in with your professional medical care team for guidance related to your own health.

And, of course, thank YOU for your patience, understanding, and respect for Sam’s privacy while he's been on the mend. We appreciate you!

For more cancer-related resources, please visit

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  • @Vergilius78
    Ashley's little picture of Sam on the table for the past few months takes on a whole different meaning all of a sudden. So happy you are better, Sam. You're literally the best.
  • Damn.... For a voice actor, having to relearn how to speak must have been terrifying. Glad to see he's doing well.
  • @valeriekhall
    *immediately crying when Sam chokes up* Welcome back, Sam. Take your time, & know you are loved.
  • @sinbushido202
    "But mostly, I miss talking and thinking about anything other than cancer" Really put into perspective how dominating it is over your life. It's not just a threat or an illness, it's a process. It's survival. It's staying alive, but slow as possible while also having to somehow juggle the rest of your life because it doesn't just stop because you're in pain. And still coming back to deliver us smiles and laughter, in spite of wounds and utter exhaustion. Godspeed, Sam Riegel, Godspeed.
  • @AllieKitaguchi
    I hope I can speak for all critters and say that while having Sam back is a blessing, having him be healthy and happy is of the utmost importance. If there's anything anyone can do, any support than can be offered, I hope Sam knows he has it in spades. Love you, Sam! <3
  • @Cryodrake
    For those who didn't notice, when Sam introduced his new character he had a neck wound and he was dying asking for his friends to help heal him, absolutely amazing acting Sam. I hope you continue to heal.
  • @corylcreates
    Not me thinking he was going to bait and switch with something like "but most of all, I missed telling you about our sponsors." 😭 Recover well, Sam. ❤
  • @s.schoen
    We love and have missed you SOOOO MUCH, Sam! Please know that Critters, like me, are sending you love and positive energy as you get back to being 100%!
  • @Soutar3DG
    Now we know exactly why he said "see you in season 4" he thought he'd be on a very long road to recovery, so glad he's doing well!
  • @FancyRPGCanada
    A voice actor getting an oral cancer is terrifying. I’m so glad Sam is doing better and sounds amazing for what he went through. Congratulations on fighting cancer and winning!
  • My uncle lost his fight with HPV-caused esophageal carcinoma about 15 years ago, and it is still deeply moving to hear of anyone going through that experience. We're all so glad that you're recovering, and hope that you get the rest of your life back soon.
  • @Obi3CH012
    Sam... just; thank you for being here with us.
  • @WolfiePH
    After losing a bit of his voice/throat/tongue functionality especially, Sam still chose to play another talkative bard with a gruff accent. He's didn't just beat cancer, he's rising above it and didn't let it limit his choices. You are the best of us Sam Riegel. Hope your recovery is as easy as being a lovable human being that you are.
  • @washtubz
    What a cruel diagnosis for someone who makes his living off his voice. You can tell he fought hard to get it back, what a legend.
  • As a HPV cervical cancer survivor, this is so important to get out there. Thank you for sharing your story.
  • @c.a.2945
    My Dad faced cancer (and survived) and there's no words to convey how terrifying it was and how very glad and relieved we are to hear you're okay, Sam. Welcome back. You are so very loved.
  • @howenhiem4536
    when i first saw laura say " im gonna cry" and her and ashley both cried when sam came back during the live show, i just thought they were happy to finally play with their friend again. To hear this, to see they all went through this with him and saw his hardest days. I get now it meant something so much more to them, because they knew everything he went through to get back on that stage. They must of been so proud of him. Our Faithful Care Giver 💛
  • @lalkorcan
    In Turkish we say “geçmiş olsun” meaning “May this stay in the past” instead of “get well soon”. May this journey stay in the past for you dear Sam, and I wish you and your family the best❤
  • @Zaktastic
    I’m a nurse who has worked in cancer research and I want to thank you for sharing your story to help educate others. Glad you are ok and hope you you stay healthy going forward!!!❤❤
  • @joemilers35
    immediately cried when he choked up. I'm not up to date on videos so I hadn't known he had been absent. But I know we are all here for you Sam! Cancer isn't kind and I've had many family members go through types of it. Support is so important and I'm glad you had so much of it. You bring so much joy and happiness to so many lives and we Love you Sam!