[BE ORIGINAL] TXT (투모로우바이투게더) 'Sugar Rush Ride' (4K)

Published 2023-01-29

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  • their voices give chills to the all five members especially of YEONJUN and TAEHYUN their voices. they give me chills.
  • @vince0wl
    The after corus part with Yeonjun and Beomgyu switch the center is to die for, soooo good.
  • @tubaturightheree
    time flies so fast, i still can't believe temptation was released a year ago😭
  • @itsfine_txt
    Yeonjun showed off his gorgeous dance lines, versatile textures, masterful technique, and insane stage presence so well in Sugar Rush Ride performances
  • @Xavierpng
    This choreo is both dangerous and refreshing at the same time. TXT never miss out any single detail in their choreo, everyone gets their spotlight
  • @kat468
    gyu really shines so much this era, his expressions and stage presence is so good !!!!
  • @andreas.4764
    I’m just a Jonas Brothers fan checking out the TXT catalog in between DoItLikeThat streams & this is definitely going on my playlist.
  • @itsfine_txt
    2:46 visual representation of Yeonjun coming up to bias wreck us all (even though he's already my bias)
  • @mnbv3581
    Yeonjun really really great performer like his dance is so smooth and sharp + his stage presence is top notch
  • @ten9285
    Yeonjun is such a prince. How does he move like this?
  • Their facial expressions are ON POINT. This is hard to do but they nailed it to the bone
  • TXT IS FINALLY BACK IN STUDIO CHOOM!!!! they’re absolutely insane and their dance moves are so sharp they’re mind blowing!!
  • @pandawaf398
  • @freveryoung
    The creativity in their choreo are insane! Love the part Yeonjun dragging Tyun ♡♡
  • @lysary2818
    Can we talk about the way YEONJUN smoothly and elegantly lies down on this knees bridge like it was a comfortable bed when we know that it might be uncomfortable 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • 어떻게.. 전 맴버가 다 압도적 비쥬얼이네 키도 다 크고.. 정말 잘한다 노래 비트랑 퍼포먼스도 최고…
  • @Grilled_potato
    썸네일 미친듯 안그래도 몽환적이고 신비로운 컨셉인데 스춤 조명까지 더해지니까 ㄹㅇ 홀릴거같음… 영상에서 달달한 냄새나는거같아요 약간 색감이 츄파츕스 스트로베리바닐라(?) 믹스 그거같음