I Survived the World's Loneliest Job

Published 2023-03-11

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  • Jorden Tually
    Ryan goes on the most WILD adventures and always has the best storytelling!
  • Matt Kerslake
    "How can i be lonely if I'm living my dream?" how powerful.
    Bravo Ryan, incredible storytelling 👏
  • The Black Neon
    As an introvert who spends around 6 months a year alone in the forrest, I can confidently say I've never even thought about lonelyness when I'm out. It's all about meaning and purpose really.
  • Borzah
    this video was amazing i love it
  • This guy is the only person who can be awkward looking yet crazy confident at the same time! Beautiful video, Ryan!
  • Ron Weasley
    this video is from beginning to end a masterpiece. i've never watched ryan's videos before, so this is probably my best introduction to them, but wow, i was captivated! it didn't even feel like 12 minutes and i was genuinely gutted when it was over! great job! i can't wait to watch more of your videos!
  • YouTube
    your storytelling is out of this world what a beautiful ending ❤
  • That woman is living in absolute tranquility. I love it! Thanks for showing us this Ryan!
  • Laffinality
    This was amazingly wholesome. I believe what you did was awesome too, and what Elena does, is absolutely incredible. She is just living her best life, and deserves it. Sometimes- what a person wants most, is just peace in their lives.
  • yunfims
    I’m Norwegian and seeing others appreciate Norwegian culture and nature makes me so happy 😭
  • Alli and Will
    So well documented!! and your storytelling is amazing to be able to express how an isolated person on an island isn't lonely!!
  • Eddoi Wern
    I have been here since 900k it is crazy to see how much you’ve achieved and grown. You are honestly my favorite creator. This story, your story is so inspiring.
  • Diegetic Fridge
    Ryan really lives like he’s in a sandbox. So happy to see someone who actually uses their resources and platform to DO things. It’s amazing
  • Splur123
    I'm norwegian and whatching this warms my heart more than any other video I've seen in a while, thank you!
  • Michael
    Ryan Trahan is the friend you'd call if you suddenly found yourself stranded, at midnight, on the side of the road because your car ran out of gas, or these days, ran out of battery.

    He'd be there.

    This video and the moment Ryan had in the deprivation tank where he'd rediscovered the memory of napping with his Grandmother and the feeling of stillness have been some of the most precious content I've seen on Youtube. Thank you for putting your creations out here, Ryan.
  • N8ExtrAwesome
    There's just something amazing about the way you not only create entertaining videos, but you also tell a great story through them. Thank you so much man, I really enjoy what you are doing.
  • Kiwinik
    What a wonderful video! Thanks for showing just how simple life can be. There's definitely something that we all can take from Elenas attitude towards life!
    And I'm so happy for you that you even got to see the Northern lights. I just saw them for the first time a couple weeks back too and it was sooo beautiful! <3
  • Zac Alsop
    There’s so many different ways to exist on this world, such a cool insight Ryan!
  • ONE37pm
    Ryan really just living his best life and sharing the experiences with us. Love ya bro