The Story of Roblox Bedwars

Published 2023-04-30
This is a Roblox bedwars story, Roblox story that solves where the Roblox bedwars kits came from and why they're here. I Hope You Enjoyed Today's Video! 😁

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Script Writer: @noobplayswithmac @BurnedSodium

Voice Actors
Narrator: @noobplayswithmac
King: @TheGamingSnowman
Guard 1,2: @loppicat
Barbarian: @loppicat
Farmer: @HillariousMotivation
Hannah: Brookey
Zenith: @mrcheesecurds2003

Builder: @iceknight1353

Roblox Actor:
@iceknight1353 @MechaYT @goldenpower6857 @ChernPlayz @Sosisenak @MoneyMonkey @wbug @PanEm @ABlovoidOfficial @menostickman6415 @Neonicra @iMqrk @joseskwan5444

All Comments (21)
  • @jessienguyen6820
    I swear the story you make seem so accurate to what the devs might have planned
    Epic content as always
  • @Abdullah-mon
    Are we not gonna talk about how much work he put in the maps he deserves more subs the dedication is insane
  • @hannaplayz2287
    All I can see is the hard work and effort man! Nice job🎉🎉 It’s so good
  • I love it when he makes bedwars story there so entertaining i really enjoy his vids keep the good job up!
  • @samsunga04s87
    Love how you're using collective nouns and extending the sentences, however it would be more nice if you find better perspective. Also please try to slow down and add more emotion into the voice acting. Good video!
  • @mauragraf
    This is absolutely amazing I am thrilled at all the content you make it is so good
  • @IRBLX_Dev
    i just love ur vids and it is inspiring me to make videos like these
    Every time i see a new video, i get excited. keep up the good content :D
  • @itsjake2810
    This is so good it made me feel better to play because I realized how cool it is!!!!!
  • @LionLeaderX
    You should definitely make a part 2 to this!
    it feels like im in a theater watching a movie keep up the good work!
  • @minimittal3166
    Mac this has to be kne of the best vids ive seen so far, the creativity is legit everything. Amazing!! 🎉
  • @Superbabamama1
    Mac:Makes a whole story

    The game dev: Didn’t even plan to make any lore
  • @VictoryOnYouTube
    I was wanting this game to have lore! Thanks Mac! Do you go by that ever?
  • @pillowman5684
    Dude those maps are insane man I want those who builds those maps