Magnus Carlsen on The Last Tournament (FULL INTERVIEW)

Published 2022-09-21

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  • 00Mj000
    Imagine playing at the level of 2939, having a record score in the preliminaries, and coming out first, despite giving away free 3 points. This guy is crazy
  • rutwik mekala
    Interviewer asked the questions very smartly and kinda got the answer out even though magnus was unwilling to speak. I'm impressed.
  • Sonia’s Way
    There appears to be an enormous amount of people unaware of the lawsuits that will immediately follow if someone publicly accuses a professional chess player of cheating. This is why Magnus (and everyone else on Magnus' side) is saying little to nothing when asked about Hans Niemann.
  • Caleb Ojo
    She is a great interviewer. She was able to ask questions that brought out answers. Very impressed
  • Jose M
    The interview itself was a game of chess. Very smartly formulated questions, appreciated by Magnus' smiles
  • Aaron Z
    I see a man with principles trying to navigate a tricky path and taking big hits while doing so. I wish him all the best.
  • A A
    Magnus knows how to avoid a trap, be it on the board or in an interview
  • Soinas Doyi
    Finally an interview with the world champion himself. This is a first start to relieve the tension in the position/discussion.
  • prashanth m
    The interviewer really was well prepared..
    She asked all the questions point blank.. no drama or mincing words.. it was like white and black..
    she did more than what everyone wanted to know and ask.. good job!
  • Ryan S
    Maxim Dlugy is a GM who is suspected of having cheated in a titled Tuesday event online, and also happens to be one of Hans Niemann's coaches. I find it quite suspicious that Maxim Dlugy was known for having been beating top tier players in blitz at a younger age. He also accused another player of cheating with an electronic device in their shoe. The very fact that he is mindful of some electronic device being a potential route for cheating suggests that he has researched the topic. His past is also sketchy, having been convicted of embezzlement previously.

    Maxim Dlugy is known for being an "intuitive" player, and Hans has said the same of himself in a Sinquefield cup interview. Perhaps being an "intuitive" player is code for I don't really want to have to explain my chess moves in detail because they just came to him naturally. I was leaning towards Hans being innocent prior to these revelations, but now I'm leaning more towards Hans being introduced to a cheating method that's much more sophisticated then an electronic device in the shoe by this Dlugy character, who presumably was searching for a young chess prodigy who he knew would not be opposed to breaking the rules (Hans has admitted to cheating using the engine on

    Of course, there is no concrete evidence of cheating and therefore it is unwarranted to make direct accusations but there should be high suspicions placed on Hans Niemann and his future chess career.
  • brian janson
    Both did a great job here. Probing but respectful questions and Magnus could give diplomats some lessons.
  • dean dean
    Never a magnus fan before but recently I found myself as his big fan. Even with all this drama, I think no one else can bring this up except magnus.. All the best magnus.
  • Magnus is a master of psychological warfare, got the whole chess word in chaos…
  • Catbird
    Gotta love how the interviewer asked one first question about cheating, then moved on to other questions as if that was it, and then came back in force with some incisive questions. Made me feel like it was pretty tactical. Either way it’s good to finally from Magnus on this mess, even if only in passing.
  • prashanth m
    i have huge respect for magnus.. since the world championship match against Ian.. he speaks sensibly.. he doesn't rush.. he is not rash.. he looks more humble.. appreciates skill.. and knows exactly what he is doing.. he looks superior mentally.. and looks more balanced emotionally...
    They way he conducted this interview was so graceful.. he did not look rattled or emotionally charged.. but played it like chess... huge respect man... cheers!
  • Avery Brooks
    Thanks for posting this up, what a great interview. Magnus not throwing shade towards Hans just SMASHING the competition on a rampage to a clear victory here. Love how great he is overall.
  • The interviewer really was well prepared..
    She asked all the questions point blank.. no drama or mincing words.. it was like white and black..
    she did more than what everyone wanted to know and ask.. good job!
  • She asked questions like a chess master; positioning, maneuvering, tactics and then a draw!!!
  • Panache
    This interviewer is so subtle and smart with her questions, we can tell she really prepared this interview so much to get the best answers !