Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens | 2022 Week 2 Highlights

Published 2022-09-18

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  • Brandon Rouse
    A masterpiece of an NFL game matched by the electrifying commentary of Kevin Harlan. Instant classic.
  • Jay Teo
    I'm not a dolphins fan but this game gave me chills What an amazing comback
  • PoptimusPrime
    One heckuva game. Might be the best Dolphins game I’ve seen in the last 20 years, no hyperbole.
  • TimeBucks
    the best Dolphins game I’ve seen in the last 20 years
  • GFett Jake
    The Waddle and Hill combination is deadly! The cheetah 🐆 and penguin 🐧 What an insane game! 2-0 baby let’s go! Fins Up🐬
  • Mizer
    Unbelievable game. 35-14 I thought it was over, but that's exactly why you spend 5 picks on a player like Tyreek Hill. Game changer.
  • paint can dan
    as a dolphins fan i’m going to be coming back to watch these highlights twice a day every day for the foreseeable future. 🐬 🆙
  • Shawn_Z51
    Didn’t watch or hear about the game. This 14 minute video had me on the edge of my seat! Didn’t expect such a comeback from the Dolphins
  • MetalMikey
    Let this be a lesson to every football team, it isn't over til it's over. And never let you're guard down when you're in a big lead against the opponent. Way to go Dolphins 🐬
  • Morbidzero
    Tua has gotten so much better in the past 2 years, his pocket presence and accuracy is just awesome.
  • This is the MOST EPIC COMEBACK I’ve ever seen with this Dolphins 🐬 team!!!
  • The NFL is so different this year, new teams are starting to emerge as early-season favorites and I’m here for it. Amazing game.
  • JuniorNitro
    Wow. Dolphins actually looked scary making this comeback. What a game. From a Bills fan, let's have some fun next week, boys!
  • Alan Munoz
    As great as Waddle and Hill make Tua look, Tua was making some pinpoint throws even while on the move. The last TD could only have been in that spot it was. What a game!
  • Reed Bunnell
    Amazing game! Made even better by Kevin Harlan's energetic commentary
  • Ian Johnson
    Don't know how my guys came back like that. Dolphin football is exciting again.
  • Woofers
    What an unexpected win from the dolphins GG's
  • Kareem2275
    Waddle and Hill combination is deadly 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Stark Raven
    What a comeback! Really impressive play by both teams.
  • TheSpeedfoever
    Very proud of my team to take down ravens! What a comeback! I will never forget this moment!