IF - Movie Review

Published 2024-05-18
Writer/Director John Krasinski brings us a story of imagination, heart, and magic....all things lost to the pit of adulthood. Here's my review for IF!

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  • @Vulcanerd
    If anything, Ryan Reynolds not being his usual self is probably good. To remind people that he's more than just Deadpool and that goofy, smartass guy.
  • @jbearclowater
    I always find Coraline is a good example of a kids movie that really isn't for kids. That is a genuinely terrifying film posing as a kids movie.
  • @danielderey5131
    Christopher Robin made me bawl my eyes out. It was like my childhood was telling me everything was going to be ok
  • @HolyXerxes
    So uh...Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends live action?
  • @moviestar1296
    I swear I've seen more ads for this movie through Mint Mobile than actual ads.
  • @Otokichi786
    Charles M, Schulz proved that children not only can understand some of the confusing world of adults, but have concerns just as serious in the "Peanuts" comic strip. Fred Rogers also knew that adults have to be aware of their children's fears and address them as "Mister Rogers." I never had an Imaginary Friend, just real ones, but one would have been welcome back then.
  • @crashfellow82
    I cried twice. As I tried to think of how to describe this movie… magical is what I came up with. Felt like a 90’s kids film and I loved it. My session was almost full.
  • @magicman205
    Soul, to me, was the "for kids* movie that literally changed me as a person. It broke, healed, and reinvented me as a person and it's a film I often reflect on.
  • @JMotion
    I went into this movie was a lot of potential gripes, just based on the marketing for the movie. But lo and behold, this movie was way better than the marketing made it look. It's almost impressive how different of a movie I was anticipating based on the trailers, considering that nothing in the trailers was cut from the movie. The trailers just make it look like the movie was gonna go a totally different direction than it really does. They marketed this movie like it was Steve Carell's Lyle Lyle Crocodile, when it really wasn't. Also, yeah, they marketed the HELL out of Steve Carell for this movie. Like, there's whole behind the scenes reels with Steve Carell in the booth, and his character, Blue, is all over the marketing for this movie. When in reality, he's just a supporting role. The real star of the CGI show is the rubberhose character. I forget her name, but she was great. Her payoff in the 3rd act is probably the most memorable scene in the movie for me. That was where the message of the film really started to click.
  • @coffeeveins
    What Jeremy said about the Wonder Years is so true. I literally had a similar experience with the movie “Stand By Me”. I was about 11 when my friends and I first saw it, and we all loved it. Here were some of the first kids we saw who actually acted like kids(swearing, and any behaviour you’d never see on tv or in movies aimed at kids) going on an adventure without parents around. Somehow the heavier aspects went right over our heads. The parts that stuck with me were the pond with leeches, the long railroad bridge, the “barfarama” story, or the junkyard shortcut with the mean dog. Years later one of those friends and I rewatched it one New Year’s Day while nursing our hangovers(it was one of the films in a New Years marathon on tv. Might have been TBS). And it was a shock how different it was to watch as adults nearing 30. We didn’t even remember the framing story with Richard Dreyfuss as grown up Gordie the writer. Or that it was the recent death of his close childhood friend that got him remembering and writing down the story of when they were kids. Rather than being this lighthearted adventure I’d remembered, it was a far more somber film about loss of innocence, growing up, and grief, mixed with some lighthearted moments. I think most of us had similar moments over the years, because when reuniting/talking after the funeral of one of the friends in 2022 at 47, the movie Stand by Me came up. And everyone’s reaction was that they couldn’t help but think of the movie the last few days. It’s amazing how where you are in life can shape/alter your perspective of events(both in media, and life in general). Ever since then I can’t see people simply for where they are now. I think about where they would have been/what would have shaped them at different stages of life(such as thinking my dad would have been 12 when the cuban missile crisis occurred, and 13 when Kennedy was shot. Or what was happening when they were my age). Or with media. Like when the 70’s Show sequel came out, and the 90’s now are like the 70’s were when the show originally aired. So a 20 year old today views the show(and the decade of the 90’s) the way I would have watched the original 70’s show(and the decade of the 70’s). It really changed how I see and relate to others in general. TL/DR I related WAY too much with an offhand comment about “The Wonder Years” tv show.
  • @Landofalcon007
    Hook is such a great movie. One of the best soundtracks of all time, and perfect casting.
  • @Bald_Vengeance
    I'm just glad it doesn't sound like a movie length version of the imaginary friend section from Inside Out
  • @michaelh9184
    I totally thought the same thing about IF being a kids movie. I was pleasantly surprised after watching it
  • @ardent835
    Remember when Ryan Reynolds played serious roles like in the movie Buried, now he's Deadpool in pretty much everything.
  • @mariobiera9797
    I love your honesty! I'm so glad my buddy put me on to your channel like 7 years ago. You are the go to movie reviewer.
  • @MCLSD_
    My “made for children” show/movie that is actually for adults is definitely Avatar: TLA. I learned so much at 21 watching it, 6 years later it still holds a close place in my heart
  • For me the movie that seems for kids but once you see it youre like its for adults is Pixar's Soul! Super underrated. I don't think kids will really get wanting something for so long and slaving for it for so long and basiclly life steering you else where. It's a beautiful message of just living is enough! The fact your alive and enjoying life, or trying to enjoy life, makes you worthy of living and worthy of the life you deserve! I don't know, kind of too deep for a movie where the main character is in a cat's body for most of the movie! Also the epiphany scene always makes me cry for how simple yet beautiful and true it is!
  • @bradhaggle2
    “Backs all messed up from sleeping on a futon after the divorce” 🤣🤣😅 2:32
  • @epiphoney
    Sick parent and magical friend? Totoro, ToTORo...