George Strait - All My Ex's Live In Texas

Published 2015-01-16

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  • @JoeMatthews2003
    I am so glad I lived in the era of George Strait and Alan Jackson
  • @dc10fomin65
    I'm a big city guy all my life, 73 now, was never into country music much, but lately I've been listening to this kind of stuff and like it more and more. I think it's brings out the true musical aspect of the country without any external interference, don't know what I just said, but I hope anyone who reads this understands, greetings from Chicago...................
  • @kenberscheit948
    saw"the legend" at cheyenne frontier days ,what a class act,for a short guy he put on a good show and can sing too, ,i was a big fan of his then and after the end of the show everyone wanted an encore, so (we got 2)i told the gf he will sing "cross my heart" she said why do you say that . i told her its the only song he hasnt sung yet!!! and sure enough he did , the guy in front of us was kinda annoyed at us talking during the concert but was amazed when i said that ,and george sang it . made a believer out of him .noone will ever match george!!!
  • @sdot5389
    Vince Gill is a boss. He’s the best guitarist on that stage by a country mile, but he doesn’t even feel he has to show up with a guitar. Humble. He knows his place.
  • He was the modern day king of country!!! The best of this era! Jonny cash would be proud!
  • @CountryHits86
    This is one of my very favorite songs. Now I am 89 years old and all the lyrics bring back those memories that are so special. Thanks
  • @coryjohn4057
    George for me is a reset. No tattoos no braids no garb etc. Never changed and always on top. Could listen to him all day.
  • My God, this was real country music. A LITTLE MEXICAN GIRL TRYIN TO FIT IN WITH High School FFA CLUB, CLASS OF 1990. THANK you country music for your music. 🎶🎸🎼🍺🍹
  • @jimcoulter5877
    Now this is what I call Real American Music, even includes those Lovely Texas Ladies to sing!
  • Thank you, Mr. Strait. That is one group of the finest entertainers in Country music. Then you sing, "Cowboy Rides Away." Icing on the cake to such a beautiful performance. GOD surely has blessed us with all the greats.
  • @farmerbill6855
    How beautiful is Faith? My God I bet she has doves flying around her and bunnies and fawns around her feet everywhere she goes.
  • @judsonkr
    They don't call him King George for the fun of it. He earned that title.
  • @glw17
    how absolutely amazing of George Strait, He has a stage that rotates so everyone can see him and not just his side and back!!!! Hey all other performers, learn from this!! Theres a reason why he has over 60+ #1 hits!!! God bless this Man!!!
  • I can't believe this all-star lineup. What a show. I wish I could've been there.
  • @18BIG78
  • @angelaarnold3740
    George Strait. Is Truly one of the Best Country Music Singers of all Time. Thanks .ANGELA xxxxx ❤❤❤