Feeding Frenzy | Briar Cinematic - League of Legends

Published 2023-08-30
After years behind bars in Noxus, Briar is starving for some action.

Video created in collaboration with Brunch Eddy.

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Feeding Frenzy

Music by: Two Feathers (Nicklas Hjertberg and Elvira Björkman)

Music Contractor: Noah Gladstone, Hollywood Scoring
Supervised, Mixed & Mastered by: Bill Hemstapat, Brendon Williams
Executive Producer: Riot Music Team

Feeding Frenzy Song:

Briar Universe Page:

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Briar Champion Insights:

All Comments (21)
  • @ShadyDoorags
    All the guards died not because they tried to stop Briar, but because one guard in particular shoved aside the janitor and Briar was not having it.
  • @kqmden
    id love it if in her lore she just follows that one guy around calling him friend as he desperately tries to get away from her
  • @MersonCat
    Nimona with the arcane animation style is really doing it for me, i love this so much.
  • @ArxInvicta
    Okay, please add the janitor guy as a support champion. His abilities would include being fast, summoning guards, cleaning the lanes and if Briar is in his team she goes completely bananas if someone hits him.
  • @divinemattress
    Riot teaming up with fortiche was literally like Kobe and shaq. I’ve never seen a miss from the two of them together
  • @anh26079
    "She's been fed!"
    Imagine if Briar is late-game type champ this would be one of those "famous last words" moments
  • @rosebud4419
    It’s reminding me of Nimona. I love this so much. Briar looks awesome
    Please tell me that the Janitor sticks around. I love the idea of her constantly following him because she genuinelly thinks they are friends
  • @Arinahaset
    Now we just need a trio of travesty about Briar, Ziggs and Jinx. A cinematic poem - “An Ode to Oops” I am inspired
  • @Aemulator.
    I can’t wait for the community to do absolutely nothing weird with this champ!!!!
  • @marioxzzz
    She was created by the Black Rose as a living weapon but since she was always in her frenzy mode they considered her a failure, in her final mission (which she failed) they gave her the pillory (the giant thing she has on) but was captured by Swain's forces and put into jail. The pillory gave her control over her own mind so now she wants to live and discover the world. And drink blood.

    Also she is in a way the daughter of Leblanc and Swain. I love her so much already
  • @Gaming.Gamer.
    I love how the animation changed its style when Briar unleashed her hunger. It's a nicely done detail.
  • @it-s-a-mystery
    That sequence where her silhouette briefly resembles a bat as she leaps with the restraints turned daggers is so good
  • @cornsandbeans
    Whole cinematic looked like it came straight out of Arcane's S2.

    Let them cook! 🗣️ 🔥
  • @lalalolola
    She's basically Shalltear Bloodfallen from Overlord who goes berserk when she gets enough blood. Her hair, appearance and transformation resembles her! Thanks riot!!
  • I can already tell she's gonna be amazing, and that animation was just everything!! She's kinda reminding me of Nimona.