We Broke The Fortnite Elimination Record.. (81 Kills)

Published 2023-11-19
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All Comments (21)
  • Glad to see lachy and lazarbeam running it up! My dream is just to see a squad game of lazar, lachy, muselk, and fresh. That would be a Goated lobby
  • @1.21jiggawatts2
    I saw this live from Lazar’s livestream and it’s so funny seeing the difference between their gameplay. After Pleasant, Lazar just saw stream snipers and was just flying around with Balloons and then Lachlan was dealing with actual real players.
  • @rowan_8755
    How has Lannan only managed to get 9 in a game like that😂😂😂
  • @launcher365
    Suprisingly Lachy was the best int the squad, keep up the great work!
  • @owlbert2020
    My first Lazarbeam livestream since like chapter 1 and it was a blast. Loved watching this and I’ll gladly do it again

    Also Alex stop dying
  • Doesn’t matter how you did it, 81 is amazing regardless tbh. 2 fingers for Kobe Bryant’s 81
  • @CPTREX10
    You have inspired me to make my own content. Major props to you Lachy❤
  • @KompadoodleLEL
    i dont watch u very much and i thought you were bad but youre actually insane at the game your aim is crazy good
  • Can we just appreciate all the work he’s been doing for us
    Thanks for always making my day with your wonderful videos :)
  • @drsolidlive
    you coulda killed your teammates for 84, by fall damage

    still hella impressive, i was in the live when it happened
  • Watched this live on Lannan's channel and it was hilarious! Awesome vid Lachy!! ❤️❤️
  • @gastly1007
    Insane world record! 81 kills and all of them were stream snipers/bots. Crazy!!!
  • @hoodieprodzz
    I was watching the stream, it was insane watching Lazar’s POV!
  • @MicahNeumann
    The fact that Lachy called that it was gonna be a kill record💀