Tobu - Higher

Published 2013-09-26
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All Comments (21)
  • Tobu
    Crazy how it's been 5 years already.. An idea just popped in my head I should make 2018/2019 version of this song. Who'd love that?
  • Bepis
    8 years later and I still come back to Tobu's tracks. It was a good childhood.
  • magmabeast
    i remember how these songs cheer me up as a little kid and im still listening. tobu makes the best songs
  • Finmark
    I was finding this song 5 years ago.
    And now, I still listen this song every day.
    Because this song makes me higher.
    Paldies Tobu!<3
  • Carter
    To be completely honest, tracks like this just transport me to a different time. When I was a kid that was finding solace in music on my phone. Now Iโ€™m nearly out of my teens, and this just takes me back to those days. Tobu, your music and so many others got me through some rough times by providing an escape from my reality. You are a keystone part of my childhood, and I hope that you know I am not the only one who experienced this. I appreciate it
  • Sid X
    this song is 8 YEARS OLD AND IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SONGS I HAVE HEARD (tobu u to cool <3
  • Alienguy500
    It is literally impossible to listen to any of Tobuโ€™s songs and not move any part of your body to the beat.
  • DarkProGamerYT
    Hey Tobu got an idea for yah, what if you did a PT.2 of this song to celebrate it! It's still a song I endlessly come back to when I need a mood uplifter! Would be amazing! ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ (again just an idea if you were interested! Hope you have a lovely day and keep making amazing music!)
    8 years later and this song is very good
  • Jiglost
    This song gives me a huge feeling of nostalgia! Tobu was literally my favorite artist of all time and still is after all these years! Thank you very much Tobu! I really hope you can see this message!
  • Hassaan A. Lal
    I used this track in my first android game ;_; although it failed miserably but memories remain ;D thank you tobu
  • miin
    Good old times ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ข
  • Citrazm
    crazy how this masterpiece of a song is nearly 9 years old, time does fly but this right here is a good example of a timeless classic
  • Mk30v
    This song will always be a part of my childhood....

    and I think everyone feels the same to theirs :)
  • 1 Immortallnd
    8 years later we still here, this song donโ€™t gets old
  • Groenendael
    This song is just as good as it was the day it came out. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve gone longer than like 3 months ever without listening to it