I Buried $100,000, Go Find It

Published 2022-08-01
i cant believe i scammed mrbeast into giving me a free video lmao


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  • Ludwig
    I somehow scammed MrBeast into letting me upload this video he made on MY channel ...

    hope u enjoy :)
  • Iron Pineapple
    the fact that this is gonna be Ludwig’s most viewed video by far is hilarious
  • H of The Stage
    The fact that Mr. Beast thought this video wasn't good enough to post is crazy, the video is fire! But the man has some high standards so I respect it.
    Ludwig has truely found the secret to the YouTube algorithm.
  • Zii
    Mrbeast is the only guy in the world that would spend over 1 million on a video and not upload it
  • JENZ
    Jimmy making Ludwig explain to the contestants that they have to look for a "sunken chest" has to be the most elaborate and expensive setup to a pectus excavatum joke. Bravo 👏🏼
  • Hoops on FIRE
    That just shows how ELITE Jimmy's content is, he would scrap this masterpeice.
  • Chloe
    Being a Mr Beast graveyard channel is an incredible career move. It’s insane that Jimmy considered this video a fail, nice work Lud!
  • Clymantic
    "If I had a nickel for every time Nolan was buried alive, I'd have 2 nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened twice, right?"
  • Mr. Joes
    I absolutely understand why MrBeast didn't want to upload this video, but Lud (or whoever edited this thing) really made one hell of a video out of that source material as possible. I get it, Jimmy wasn't really a fan of the "underwhelming" parts, like Sumo, Cannon etc., but they are still very entertaining how we ultimately got them on Ludwig's channel.
  • He considered that video a failure?!! Jimmy is on another level man, gotta respect the grind.
  • I love how Lud doesn't even appears like 5 minutes in total but somehow managed to steal the video.
  • Popular YouTuber
    The fact that Nolan did what jimmy did for an entire video that got 100m+ views as a side mission just proves how fast jimmy’s videos are improving
  • QwertyYou
    Ludwig has moved from reacting to other people's content to uploading other people's content. This is truly motivational.
  • Aria On Edge
    holy shit, mr beast was literally like "oop, that's broken, i'll text you the coordinates" honestly the fact that they cut it so well enough to make it seem like "THERE'S NO TIME GO GO GO" with jimmy's nonchalant "meh, no skin off my back, keep the tapes rolling" it's amazing
  • SpaghEddy
    Wish the sumo wrestler and the cannon part had more things going on. Just went too quick, understand why it was scrapped to begin with
  • Lovro Kovacic
    Knowing the background of the protosabre part with Hacksmith and how it was ALMOST ruined but efficiently fixed by the Hacksmith team maked this video even better! Mad props to all involved
  • Mr. Doge
    Instead of caring about his million dollars MrBeast cared more about Lud's ticket cost to North Carolina so he just gave away the video to cover that up...LOL
  • Brian Jay
    That's Jimmy, sharing the success. Quite a guy!
  • DonkeyFace4
    Glad to see Ludwig finally taking his time and making higher quality content, it’s been pretty rough recently