The Really Good Podcast | Saweetie: "Bobbi you act like you don't get out much"

Published 2024-05-16
The incredibly talented Saweetie brings over some seafood to eat with Bobbi while they discuss having kids, getting tattoos, their strict parents, and Saweetie's new song!

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  • @buty722
    Bobbi is so much more confident w herself around women than men.
  • @40niner26
    Saweetie should do interviews… I can tell she can talk to ANYBODYYYY… she’s funny, sweet, and just REAL
  • @Abigail_dbg
    Saweetie is so soft spoken. She gives off that rich aunty vibes. I love her
  • @444HER
    “Bless Bobbi’s food too” was so simple but sweet lol
  • @JenYin.
    As a woman, sweetie is the energy i love!!! Open, positive and friendly
  • @cristinariv6
    I love how Bobbi acts her normal self around women. Especially saweetie. Saweetie is so kind and sweet and humble , you can tell Bobbi feels very comfortable around her
  • @kylayah0609
    i love saweetie’s aura everything abt her is just so peaceful and calming
  • @kuromiloveu
    Saweetie got me blushing and smiling like I’m in the room with her 😩😭
  • Love how Saweetie prayed over the meal you don’t see that!!! So refreshing for an artist to be open about their relationship with God
  • I’m so down for a Saweetie and Bobbi duo. Bobbi looks so comfortable during this interview.
  • @RedTheGemini
    I love how everyone Bobbi interviews offers to hangout with her off camera and get her out her comfort zone.❤
  • This is the most comfortable video I’ve seen Bobby in, and saweetie even asked her questions this felt like long term friends just hanging out
  • @Hannah-eh7ro
    when bobbi said “i’m excited for you to be my new trick” i died WTF 🤣🤣
  • @jazzxsmith
    the fact that this is Bobbi’s interview but saweetie is asking most of the questions 😂❤
  • @sagethomas651
    I love that Saweetie was interested in helping Bobbi understand and expand her vibes. That’s how friendships are made. Thats right Saweetie teach and show Bobbi ❤
  • @heidii1
    How is Saweetie this down to earth its crazy - shes just chilling, eating and not giving a single f*ck. 🧡🧡