Besomorph & The Tech Thieves - Daydream

Published 2020-10-29

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  • Besomorph
    hello everyone, hope you are doing well during these stressful time. I am working hard to keep releasing, but I am working on something bigger now and won't release as much as I did before as a part of my rebranding, my next release is coming on November 6th. I co-produced this beautiful gem with the tech thieves and I thought I'll let you be a part of it. Stay safe and cautious, nothing can bring us down anymore. Love u, your boy Beso. ❤️
  • Awesome song with TECH THIEVES and you are always awesome as ever!!!!!! Thanks BESO✌
  • Charity Fields
    Man, it seems like everytime I need some new music to pump me up, you come through. Great job! Thanks!
  • TINYLOVE 1420
    I love your music the best I've ever heard keep on making more! ÙwÚ
  • HeyItsMeDaisy
    The Tech Thieves & Besomorph is my fave colab of all time! This song is amazing omg!!! 👏🏼😍
  • Crows
    This Song is amazing! It give me those kind of Vibes I would expect in a Cyber-Punk Underground Club! This is awesome ❤️
  • Your collabs with The Tech Thieves never disappoint me. This song is so awesome, I feel bad I wasn't the first one to hear it!
    Keep it up and stay safe
  • Rihito Senpai
    Drop an another masterpiece by Besomorph, Love your Songs😍
  • ToxicTiger_
    Hey 👋 I'm relatively new to your music and I've gotta say it's dope. Great work very smooth and different than your basic DJ keep it up 👍👌
  • Jake Peralta
    I listened to this on TTT's channel last week, and even though you're name wasn't on it. I felt your vibe, awesome work as usual <3
  • M.
    Always the perfect match!! ❤️
  • I’m so Glad I found this genre of music. Best thing that happened to me. Ncs is overrated tho.