Brewstew - Busted Lip

Published 2023-09-16

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  • @jerrie1533
    Madman accomplished what most of us can only dream of; he got Tyler to make a cartoon for him
  • @racerturner4053
    Tyler I wanna thank you so much for being a huge part of my childhood and early teen years you are my favorite content creater and hope your content keeps on being as good and hopefully better 😁
  • @Adam-mh7zv
    For a first script at such a young age, madman actually did a half decent job replicating some aspects of your videos. Pretty cool
  • @forgettable8300
    The fact a kid sent you this is so ridiculously hilariously wholesome
  • @hhmmhmhm5743
    Gotta love how he was so concerned about Brewstew's Youtube channel of checks note 3.12M subscribers that he wrote a whole story to help with your career. Never change, Madman, never change.
  • @stefamii
    this was simultaneously wholesome and hilarious
  • I love how Tyler has evolved from quiet animation to loud fun times
  • Tons of respect for a guy who does something he usually doesn't to make a kid happy. Plus throwing in some good points with comedic value
  • @kaos2405
    That was a wonderful story. Mad Man did pretty good for his first script. Hell, he did better than some youtubers.
  • @phtom_mike_
    Brewstew never fails to tickle my toes and make me giggle 😊
  • Whenever I hear, "Alright..." I know it's time for laughs. 😆
    I love this channel! Dude just tells it how it is and is cool AF about it too. Who doesn't like funny childhood stories?? Lol
  • Any day Brewstew uploads is automatically a great one. "Madman" did a pretty good job with his good script. I sense a promising YouTube career in his future.
  • @mmmchestnut4085
    Dude I'm loving this. You're living your life and building even more awesome wholesome stories of kids being kids. So great
  • @jackmack276
    This was hilarious as always. 😂 you just made mad man's whole year! He's gonna be showing this to all his friends.
  • I have had the worst week but now my whole week is fixed after watching this. Thank you Tyler for always putting out the best content
  • Honestly this is a weirdly wholesome video haha. Keep it up Madman never stop
  • Let's all just take a moment and appreciate that Tyler is the only storytime animator that has not lost his edge
  • @mattyice2889
    this is absolutely hilarious lmao, also i love that you actually told the little man’s story on your channel.

    edit: you’re right guys i don’t know why i called him little man and not mad man, just instinct and not thinking further lol.
  • The fact you fix the story of him makes this video 1000x better. Thisbis the way to go to tell other peoples stories
  • I always wondered what Brew would do once he ran out of personal stories. Cover stories where he critiques and "fixes" them is an excellent way to go