Qualifying Highlights | 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Published 2023-09-02

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  • @iyuzjeon7
    I love the fact that Albon in a Williams car making Q3 appearance is not surprising anyone anymore. I salute you sir
  • @kirbyx2573
    Seeing Sainz on Pole is awesome! A Ferrari on Pole in Monza! What a great thing to see!
  • @Tsk703
    People tend to forget that Piastri is in his rookie season in F1...that boy will be in F1 for years to come
  • @rob1129
    Oscar & Alex are the two drivers who legitimately deserve respect for what they're accomplishing !
  • @twodotam
    Albon has been nothing but remarkable this entire season. Cant wait to see what this man will bring to the table
  • @3plecheeseburger
    Massive props to Lawson for getting into P12 on his first full session weekend.
  • @ianpodmore9666
    Great to see Alexander Albon getting some love. He's performing out of his skin this season. Also shout out to Piastri, looks like he's got a great future ahead of him.
  • @Blueblackfire
    Sainz on pole, Albon in the thick of it in 5th. What a session for both drivers!
  • @av_tbk8605
    6:32 goodness me the enthusiasm from the engineer is unmatched
  • @LuizAndre85
    Congrats for Sainz, Albon and Lawson in this qualifying! Amazing job, guys!
  • What a performance Sainz, just shows how the guy can rise to the occasion and I’m afraid for Leclerc that Carlos is starting to realize that…
  • I’m really happy for Carlos, I don’t even wanna get my hopes up for Sunday, but this was certainly something to smile about
  • @bestmountain
    And the Oscar for best reaction.... goes to Carlos' engineer for his unprecedented level of enthusiasm!!!! 😅
  • @user-yr2ee1to7u
    I endlessly thank you,Mr. Sainz A Masterpiece for all of us . Albono carrying whole team like a champ.
  • @olivertwist6190
    I am so happy for Carlos. He deserved it so much this year. Vamos Carlos!!
  • Let's just take a moment to congratulate the people who work on this channel. Quali ended like half an hour ago and they got the highlights out already!! Kudos to you guys you do a brilliant job
  • @paulsimon6378
    Congrats to the birthday boy Carlos Sainz for pole position of Ferrari's home race at Monza! Also congrats to Albon again for going to the top 10.
  • @MrLordMooMoo
    It's awesome to see Williams looking competitive for the first time in a decade!!