I tested the CHEAPEST Gadgets on the Internet.

Published 2022-03-19
Unboxing the cheapest 2022 tech gadgets / gifts! Check out dbrand here: dbrand.com/boss

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All Comments (21)
  • n3nS
    Arun, the quality of your videos has gone through the roof lately. It’s almost ridiculous how content like this is free, and I can’t even imagine what amazing projects you’re going to do in the future! Thanks for bringing us world class content BOSS!❤️💯
  • Kilowatt Avenue
    As a US viewer, I find it funny how much he loves that apple peeler. Everyone I know has one in the US.
  • Raptor Jesus
    6:18 you could rig your wardrobe so that the power only flows when the door is open :D
    so when you open the door all of the hangars light up, close the door and it won't use any power :)
    Really good videos....your spirit is really good...I forgot u make these videos alone or with a camera man lol 🤣❤ all your subscribers are here tho bro u got it
  • Mibolio
    As a Milo, I can say that bubble gun is amazing
  • Nicole Ulrich
    i have a popcorn thing just like that! it only uses air, no oil! so, if you have allergies its perfect
  • Anurag Jha
    If pricing of Passionfruit phones were reasonable, they would have a place in this list...🙂👍
  • Fornicis
    That "stapler" though, such an impressive little bit of engineering and being sold for such a small price, I feel someone could make a killing upselling those
  • izDyCee
    Arun: tests cheap tech gadgets
    Also Arun: accidently weaponizes carrots
  • macpowercorp
    OMG! My orange tabby is named Milo and he loves chasing bubbles! I gotta get me one of these!
  • Francis Moses
    This was so much fun to watch. Lots of humour that got me laughing throughout the video. I even went on to watch it twice. Excellent work Arun. Would've loved to try out that bubble gun but they probably won't ship to my country. Anxiously waiting for your next video ☺
    Lmao.....the magic fire...I think it's copper...I saw copper wire burn like that
  • Subham Guha
    This man never dissapoints...been following since he had 200K subs...now he's among the best creators...You have been Theboss all along...
  • Jaerin
    Ahhh every product tested by you makes me laugh so much 😂 you’re hilarious! I hope we can see more of this ❤️❤️❤️
  • Fredy Navas
    Not only his videos are great quality, but he himself radiates a lot of positive vibes.
  • 200kBH
    6:52 its supposed to make that noise what do you expect from a 2200 wat popcorn Machine
  • topdawg34
    i love the positive energy vibes coming from the videos he makes even if its a fail there is still positivity from Arun
  • Vansh
    5:37 removing the candy eating the wrapper
  • WoLF
    I've always admired the attention to detail in your content... Whether its quality or editing... everything great.
    And if someone didn't notice, the slight thing in the right corner while the tea gadget was being tested.. it wasn't necessary but it added so much more value overall.. it just great.