This Movie Wishes it Was Monster’s Inc 💀

Published 2024-05-20
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In today's video, I breakdown the latest kids movie to hit theaters in 2024 -- 'IF' -- starring Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Flemming, Steve Carell, and John Krasinski. Enjoy :)

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  • @johnbarr0
    so its a kids film, then why is the cast so stacked? kids dont care about who is voicing and playing roles just as long as the characters and their personalities are entertaining
  • @RyanFloom
    The “it’s for kids argument” is so dumb and disrespectful to kids. What about old Pixar movies? Toy Story, Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Monsters inc, all these are masterpieces of art enjoyed just as much by adults because they are smart films and don’t assume kids to just be “dumb kids, whatever”. Same for many Dreamworks and other animated films, just using those as examples. It being for kids is not an excuse to just be bad…
  • @arcanewolf5082
    If they wanted to make an imaginary friend movie, why didnt they try a live action Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? They still would have ruined it, but they probably would have gotten more attention and sold more tickets.
  • i worked on this movie and it gave me some of the more stressful situations of my life especially that crossciant scene and coney island..glad it didn't matter at the end of the day hahaha
  • @aslan7232
    I saw the trailer for this when I saw Dune 2 so I think this video coming up on my home page means my phone is listening to me lmao
  • @johndoe35859
    If you guys want a TV show about imaginary friends, watch Happy! It’s all about imaginary friends but they are nuts and it follows a NY Detective turned alcoholic and drug addicted hitman, it’s fuckin’ great.
  • @julzmusic8708
    I remember watching a video highlighting the period where ‘big names’ started featuring as voice actors in movies and that became more of a marketing ploy than actually adding any substance. Likely off the back of ‘Robin Williams’ as the genie & coming into the pixar era.
  • @Nahidwash
    2:49 what is the scrapped poppy playtime flower monster and a minecraft slime doing here😭
  • at the end of the day it has Ryan Reynolds in it. Normies will eat it up, so I'm not entirely sure those audience scored are inflated.
  • @muwuriel8231
    I felt like the scene with the IF and the fat guy was meant to be interpreted as like the imaginary friend loving their kid no matter what they look like when they grow up. They could’ve not made him comment about his appearance, but they couldn’t have made someone the audience is supposed to empathise with say “oh, you got fat” when they see someone for the first time in years. At least that’s my charitable interpretation.
  • The main IF in the movie is named Blue, that's straight up plagiarism to Fosters home, Craig McCracken should sue
  • @TheAbigailDee
    Bruh, I'm an overweight girlie. Do they think I HAVEN'T tried pastries to heal my inner child?? Why do they think I'm fat?? 😭😭😭 Kidding... Kinda. Great video! Thanks for watching it so we didn't have to ❤
  • I watched the movie yesterday ,it was okay .It was slow at the beginning but it had some touching moments towards the end.But there were some moments I felt like it’s missing something
  • @HorseJoint
    I don’t mind looking at spoilers for this movie.
  • @mm-in7tn
    Im still trying to figure out the introducing Brad Pitt part 🧐