Game Theory: Turn It Off It̵̰̹͂͘ O̷̒̆f̶̝͒f̶͑ i̶͕̝͗T̷̔͘ Ṑ̵̗̝̪͗ͅF̴̛̍͐͊ḟ̶̭͕̾ (Amanda The Adventurer)

Published 2022-07-31
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Well, it is about time I talk about the Dora the Explorer inspired horror game called Amanda The Adventurer. This game has been making the rounds on YouTube, including my own playthrough on GTLive. That means we are past due for a theory. What secrets and horrors is Amanda hiding? Let's dive in!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, AbsolutePixel and Tyler Mascola
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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All Comments (21)
  • A. P.
    Is it bad I found Amanda's response to the sheep's apple allergy is "You should never be afraid to try new experiences" incredibly funny?
  • Xavier
    To me the stuff on Amanda’s eyes seems more likely to be wool. Especially cuz Woolie left wool behind, and also, the phrase “pull the wool over your eyes.”
  • jack frost
    it really shows how much effort they put into it, even making a new logo for game theory themed around the game.
  • Wesley Willier
    Matpat just gave me an idea when speaking about the monster’s “nodes” on its head. In the beginning, eyes are scratched out on the poster of the children. The background has things with eyes on them. When Amanda starts to get possessed, her eyes either hollow out or flip inside out. The nodes on the monster’s head could be the collected eyes of its victims, representing the souls imprisoned in the tapes.
  • Wolfrover
    The computer game interface for Amanda is a call-back to Dora, whose first few seasons had the conceit that Dora was actually a character in a computer game. This is why there was an on-screen mouse cursor at times. It also tied into the character's name, being a play on both exploradora (explorer) and computadora (computer).
  • no matter how short a scary game is, Matpat can always find lore and make it to a 15mins long video
  • join the cult
    I feel like woolie's line "I can't let you do this anymore" means that he's so done being manipulated by amanda and forcing him to obey to whatever amanda wants to do. Since you said, they're siblings. Woolie is probably a younger brother that is being killed by amanda irl and through the tapes over and over again just for her satisfaction of abusing him.
  • EphemeralSean
    Matpat's "Say the right answer!" was honestly hilarious and terrifying.
  • GhoulzMaster
    Has anyone noticed it get more realistic throughout each episode. Episode 1 was more of a cartoon style than realistic. Episode 2 got a bit more realistic with the meat. The secret tape where woolie goes 😵 is more realistic because the trees look more realistic. Episode 3 was most realistic because it didn’t change into realistic because it was! So my theory is Amanda gains access to our world whenever the 3 or more Tapes are played and then the person/you gets 😵. What do you think of my theory? Anyway thanks bye :)
  • For night trap, the game was originally planned to be on a playable tape. Tapes store data just like other devices and can technically play games, but discs are better
  • Projekt Taku
    I love how Amanda gets mad when you don’t click what she wants you to click. I know it’s supposed to be creepy but to me, a child on a Dora-like show getting upset like that is hilarious. Amanda's silhouette reminds me of Micky Mouse and I for one find that hilarious.
  • Lilly_Ace
    I never realized how terrified I am by body disfigurement; I can do Mat talking about how bodies are being bent in shapes to fit in a Faz-bear suit, but this game, holy hell I never thought this would make me so scared.
  • TimeBucks
    Best intro i've seen so for Game Theory.
  • Lord of CRINGE
    I like to imagine the developers watching this and taking notes of ideas.
  • VulcanX Plays
    I like how Amanda just casually changed her race when she got dragged into the VHS realm
  • Sailor Panda
    8:37 I think it's funny how offended Amanda looks at this part
    edit; the narrator in the found footage video sounds like Wooly!
  • SimplyOrbital
    Imagine the work that went into the intro, looked just like the game. Honestly didn't expect a theory on this since the game was short.
  • Lady White
    I still think it's odd how matpat has done all these really cool interesting indie game lore videos and STILL hasn't covered the rusty lake game series