《Nevermore + Tyler react to the future and other edits》||Wenclair||

Published 2022-12-04
-These designs may not be accurate
-All credits should be visible in the video
This video contains:
-wenclair(note:if you don't like the ship I respect your opinion but don't throw in hate remember I didn't force you to watch this)
-Words of su!cide
Characters:(first name)
Don't know if I'll make a part 2 if I do it'll just be my whole wenclair
folder o_o;

or my fyp idk

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  • Why do I feel like Enid sat down on the floor because she thought Wednesday wanted to be closer with Tyler so Enid decided to sit down on the floor to make her happy.
  • Bella•Itzi
    I love how Wednesday is like
    “You are the Hyde?!”
    And Tyler is like “Mhm yea…”
    And instead of running or doing something Wednesday is just like
    “Enid can you move here please”
    Perfect way to defend your self

    And the. After the next tik tok they are all with the same face expression form the start like WHAT?!
  • AsfendoTento
    I love how enid is the only one who can compliment wednesday without getting any 💀 threats
  • Brandon Margrave
    Tyler once said “why does she get to get stepped on and not us Xavier”.
  • Every single time Tyler was like "Enid's gonna be a problem." I just thought "Well I mean she kicks your ass so yeah-"
  • Miss Harmz
    I just want to say, THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING!! The designs are soooo good! Soooo detailed! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. AND you put nail polish on Enid and Wednesday’s hands! LIKE OMG THE DETAIL YOU HAVE DONE IS AMAZING! AND THE BACKGROUND STAR THINGYS, IDK HOW YOU DID THAT BUT AHHH THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! AND THE EYES OF THE CHARACTERS!! AHHHHHHHHHHH AMAZING !! You deserve every.single.like.and.subscribe.you.get! I’m subscribing to you now, I have no idea how much time this took, but imma say it again, you are amazing, and so is this video. have a amazing day :)

    Btw I also love Enid and Wednesday’s matching cat socks
  • This video was so good and probably has got to be one of my favorites ones I’ve watched.
    The characters were amazing and their reactions were amazing and unique.
    If you make a part 2 can you make them react to thornhill?
    To be more specific. Can you make them react to thornhill being evil?
    And maybe some Wenclair?
    Tho you don’t have to.
    Also no rush, take your time making part 2!
  • It’s so good.. 😧 how is it this good? The character design, their reactions, everything is perfect 👍
  • Ameera Ali
    I love that Enid can compliment Wednesday without getting threats like Tyler and xaivier😂
  • Commander Blaze
    Enid is such a legend she knows wednesday doesnt like physical touch and moved to help her
  • SirTheodoreBread
    the fact that Wednesday had almost no reactions was perfect. i've watched many of these and none of them correctly showed how she acts, except for this one. well done!
  • Tsuyugi
    I rarely comment on such things, but this deserves to get recognized. This is the most reaction video I am satisfied watching. Great job.
  • cool
    This has got to be one of my favorite ones I’ve watched yet. I love your designs and it’s very well made :)
  • Louise Cotton
    Omg this is absolutely amazing!The accuracy of all characters is spot on! 😍! One thing tho people are getting the colour of the nevermore uniform a little bit less accurate because the colour is actually a vivid indigo (which can be purple or blue) because if u look sometimes the colour of the uniform is purple but then it can also be blue, but it depends on the lighting I think. BUT overall the designs are very very VERY accurate!!! Also the range fi reactions for them all is brilliant!!! Well done!! 👏👏 😊😍✨
  • My Hero AUs
    This is very well made. If my internet was better I'd have rewatched it already.
  • Dandalotl
    your designs for them slay so hard, i love them <3
  • Sloane Lester
    I loved the bestie relationship between Wednesday and Eugene that should always be acknowledged
  • ✧Maria✧
    That was so freaking amazing, i seriously love their reactions. And I absolutely love your designs, they're so beautiful! Everything in this is awesome, thank you for making this masterpiece. And also for including Wenclair lol ✨💖💙🖤
  • I cracked to the edit where Enid started roast Tyler after the pronoun asking💀
  • crvtchx
    8:51 literally whoever made that one is talented asf