Luke and Grogu | Remembering Yoda

Published 2022-02-02
Luke Skywalker Remembers Master Yoda.

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Star Wars - The Force Suite

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  • @johnsoncm65
    This IS what we want to see. Luke's story after ROTJ.
  • @marcorp87
    There is no emotion, there is peace.
    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
    There is no passion, there is serenity.
    There is no chaos, there is harmony.
    There is no death, there is the Force. :learning:
  • @Imylover
    This was incredibly beautiful!
  • We won brothers !
    I can't believe what we saw , what a joy to be a fan . May the force be with you & This is the way .
  • Wish they would make a series about Luke. Miniseries or something else. But I’d love to see what Luke is up to post RotJ
  • @xTheFly
    This is star wars done right. Thank you for this.
  • @lupa9794
    Man this made me tear up.. Even more the second time watching.. Thank you <3
  • @esrasor
    very awesomely done, the feeling of nostalgia is strong in this video.
  • @tripleh123s
    This is the Luke I wish we got in the Sequel Triology ☹
  • @maryanncarreon4868
    That was nicely put together. thank you for that still amazes me that the computer effects to make Mark Hamill look like he did long ago, when I was a kid .
  • @shadowr2d2
    Thank you for posting this video. You have a new subscriber. Thank so much. I am a Jedi. Like my father before me. Plus my grandfather, & my kid’s. The Force flows threw our veins. Some are Teacher’s, Nurses, Chief, Navy, Army, Hunters, Fisherman, & Animal connection’s. It’s up to you. How you use this great power.
  • @guilhermelopes3752
    Thank you for this moment of pleasure! Less than 2 minutes was better than the entire new trilogy.
  • @touay9808
    f'ing heartbreaking what Disney has done to starwars .... we get these beautiful glimpses of what starwars could be ... then we get .... heartbreak as our heroes are deliberately degraded and abused.
  • @DoNutx777
    And now Grogu continues the tradition of going away before finishing one's training. Like master like pupil indeed
  • @clauditamel
    Beautiful and truly inspiring! Good job!! :)
  • @theamaceda4264
    My favorite franchise of all time. I hope they make series about Luke after Return Of The Jedi and about Yoda.
  • @antontodorov3792
    This was brilliant Saber 👏 admiration to your hard work be healthy 💪 👍 and please continue with the amazing work