Oddballs │ Official Trailer │ My Netflix Show

Published 2022-09-16
Watch Oddballs on October 7th!! You can watch James, a bubble-shaped boy, his best friends Max, a talking crocodile, and Echo, a girl who claims to be from the future, learn life's toughest lessons...the odd way.

James Rallison as himself
Julian Gant as Max
Kimberly Brooks as Echo
Gary Anthony Williams as Mr. McFly
Carl Faruolo as Stuart

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Twitter ➤ twitter.com/theodd1sout
Instagram ➤ www.instagram.com/theodd1sout/
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All Comments (21)
  • Vailskibum
    It's still WILD that a YouTuber managed to get a Netflix cartoon, this is great
  • TheOliverBoy
    I like how he started out as a small animation channel in the past and now has a full netflix show dedicated to his cartoons. Amazing Job James!!!
  • Been watching James for years now and it's crazy to see where he finally ended up..animating for the big dogs, can't wait to see the show, looks like it's just a fun show to watch.
  • Yuval Feldman
    Dude, I’ve been subscribed to you for years, I’ve seen you’re channel growing steadily but to see you actually reach Netflix is surreal, congrats! you truly deserve it
  • TimeSpace123
    “You see an elephant that means you are stressed or homicidal maniac.” Best line ever. from that line alone I am probably going to love the show. Can’t wait.
  • spambot
    as a person who has been watching James since the 8th grade and knowing he has now complimented my beard, this definitely represents James accurately.
  • mikoy huio
    The fact that a Storytime Animator on YouTube has risen to the point of having his own animated series on Netflix is amazing. Well deserved James!
  • Darth Zayexeet
    I must say, it’s awfully nice of James to collaborate with such a small, niche, obscure and unknown company like Netflix and really push them into the spotlight…

    But no, in all seriousness he really deserved his own Netflix show. Proud of you, mate. ❤ I hope it’ll be a BANGER like BoJack Horseman or Invincible!
  • PineapplesYT
    I had my doubts about a Netflix series like this, but holy crap this thing looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it and they better make a season 2.
  • Jaylee
    Can we just appreciate that he is making YouTube vids and animating a Netflix show?!? Respect to you James.
  • Mamon Dee
    Stumbled upon your Subway video around 2017 and I've became your fan since then. I remember binge watching your videos when I am feeling down and depressed. Now it's already 2022, you have your own Netflix movie that will be watched all over the world and I can't help myself not to cry because I'm sooo effin proud and happy for you James!! I know once your movie will be released you will be gaining tons of new fans and subscribers on Youtube and I can’t wait to see your movie be on the trending list as well because you deserve all of this! Thank you for making me happy when I was on my darkest times. Love from the Philippines!! 🇵🇭❤️❤️💯
  • Can you believe that James went from making a short video about a book he made as a kid to making his very own cartoon show on Netflix. I am so proud of him!!
  • Sofia Rivard
    I am so hyped for this!! Been watching you for 6 years <3 I love ya James, your videos always make me laugh, and you've grown so much as an artist, CONGRATS ON YOUR SOON-TO-BE NETFLIX DEBUT!!!!
  • lior yunfh
    I absolutely love this! It gives me Regular Show vibes and I’m very hyped to see this. Kudos to everybody who helped with this awesome show! :)
  • Tre_titan
    im actually excited i hope this show grows wild and not a one hit wonder because this looks great
  • fearless33
    I'm so proud of him, he's come so far :'') so excited to watch this !!
  • Fanaticalight
    It's still hard to believe just a couple years ago, James was working at Subway and telling his experiences and stories through animation. It's also how I managed to discover him through the algorithm. Now, he's got his own Netflix series! A YouTuber having their own animated cartoon on a major platform is still seriously unheard of, so I can't help but feel proud of James!
  • This... is... AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to watch this movie over and over again! I think I will add it to my favorite movies list! ❤🎉
  • Bolia Fops
    this is going to bomb, this isnt the first time a youtuber had gotten a tv show, first with fred and annoying orange, with plenty of others also getting shows, they usually bomb