2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Review // Why It's Worth $500,000

Published 2023-10-05
Toronto, we are here. The 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre ($495,000 starting in Canada, $422,750 in the US) is the very first EV to proudly wear the double R logo. In lieu of a silky smooth twin turbo V12, the Spectre has two electric motors making a silent 577 horsepower and 664 lb ft of torque. Befitting a true Rolls Royce, the Spectre is bespoke to the buyer and has numerous options to beautify both the interior and exterior with artistic designs. It also aims to provide a cabin that is effortless, comfortable and quiet.

But how has the transition to electric power affected the driver and their passengers' enjoyment of a Rolls Royce? Thomas and James are excited to find out! We hope you enjoy the episode! And then subscribe, silly.

Editor: Daniel Mason and Karston Chong
Sound: Harrison Dickson and Daniel Mason and Karston Chong
Magical Genius Logistics Planners: James Engelsman and Joey Alford


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  • @yissibiiyte
    Electrification suits Rolls more perfectly than any other brand. Don't know what took them so long.
  • The rock test was the most impressive luxury car test I've ever seen. Wow
  • @SentinelIXK
    I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you guys have absolutely found your rhythm this past year or so. You two are great and the quality of the production keeps getting better and better. Thanks so much for this great content.
  • @joshuaacosta6823
    Wasn’t expecting this format of video but it was great. Really shows that the videos have potential for a possible Netflix or streaming platform show.
  • @mr_resource5099
    I love how comically high quality the car is, its like it allows you to exist in another realm able to view and travel from perfect comfort.
  • Years ago, I worked with a gentleman who has ended up testing this very model early in its development cycle. You may find this hard to believe, but the original prototypes were even quieter: they were virtually perfect noise isolation chambers...and they were making drivers and passengers ill. Turns out, the near total lack of noise combined with visual perception of movement and the wonders of our inner ear was causing nausea in a "substantial" proportion of people in the vehicle (I believe it was not most people, but definitely at least 1 in 5)". RR had to re-introduce a little bit of extra sound in both audible and sub audible frequencies to address the problem.
  • @shawnjawanda2917
    I can’t help but be amazed at the consistent improvement that this channel sees with each new video. Bravo, team.
  • @steved2008
    One of your best videos to date, Throttle House and Straight Pipes, two amazing channels doing the same thing but very differently, thank you guys 🎉
  • @jessefrantz3156
    Loved the “You’re done now!” description of German car suspensions😂
  • @GodSpeed3
    You guys are the Roll Royce of car reviews. Effortless chemistry and maximum output. Throttle House team great job!
  • @joshcross5929
    Love your show, never seen a bad episode and they only get better. Thank you for the awesome reviews and the best authentic unique way you guys present !!!
  • @iamthetriplet
    This was so well put together, it’s excellent!! LOVE it!!!🙌🏾
  • @ten3353
    Fantastic review guys! The videography, music, your easy-going presenting style. And the Spectre is a work of art/design/tech. A masterpiece. Great work 🎉🙏🏼
  • @Crazyocta
    This format transcends the realm of reviews. Not only was it funny, insightful and stunning but it had this really warm vibe as if everyone's sitting around the campfire and sharing stories. Really loved it and hope you guys can make more of these.
  • @collin7631
    James calling them "Streetcars" was the final step to him becoming fully Canadian. One of us! One of us! One of us!
  • @VisionCityMayor
    i loved the style of this vid, really fitting for most Rolls drivers. the camera shots of the city and stuff were magnificent too, it'd be sick to see more cars tested in this way, luxury or not. also gave me a mini tour of Toronto cos i never actually went to the city itself, only niagara
  • @fmifu4100
    I got to drive a spectre for a moment as I pulled it away for a rich guy getting onto his private jet. The quietness was also the first thing I noticed, almost muted the sound of an APU just a few meters away. Quite an experience and I have never driven a car as large as that. Got to drive it and guy gave me a hundred bucks on top of it😂
  • @andrewduong2740
    I love Toronto, but I refuse to believe they managed to film a whole day driving downtown without getting caught in horrific traffic