1 detail people missed in the Starfield Shattered Space trailer

Published 2024-06-13
Let’s dive into the Starfield Shattered Space DLC! Here’s everything most people missed in the new Shattered Space gameplay trailer, from a possible new companion to cross-dimensional travel.

0:00 intro
0:39 where is the planet
2:09 alternate dimension
3:51 your mission
4:53 who are the holograms
5:59 varuun leader
6:25 varuun history
8:00 new companion
8:37 who's in the pods

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All Comments (21)
  • @WardenWolf
    I think it's more likely that it's a wormhole that no one else has found yet, and the people in pods are soldiers for another invasion.
  • @WEET_
    One of few creators not rage baiting this game. Appreciate your work.
  • @Augusto9588
    Bethesda said "a new planet" at some point during the announcement, so it leads me to believe that it is in one of the current Va'ruun systems and not in a new system with multiple planets, and the gas giant Kazarah in the Nirah system has the same axial tilt as the one from the trailer, and it also has one moon that's already present, again matching the trailer. My guess is that we will travel to an alternative reality/universe where the second moon is present.
  • @johncbayliss
    I’m hoping there’s a DLC that explores earth’s demise a bit more. I know the main story reveals how it happened, but seeing how there are so few humans left in the galaxy could be quite powerful.
  • @magicjack4076
    I’m made my character the serpant religion and will definitely take a specific companion with me ready for this dlc.
  • @chi-zgamer7999
    I know this game seems to get a lot of hate but after 900+ hours I’m really enjoying the new content bounty hunting and looking forward to the DLC. My theory which I know is way wrong but would be cool is that Va’ruun Kai is in the center of Alpha Centari and you access it through their temple. Great video and time to relax in space for a bit after work have a great day everyone!
  • @blakewardUS
    Appreciate the expert analysis. Been taking some time off, this video sparks new interest
  • @georgie9303
    Great video man, I don’t know if I believe the idea that it’s Jinaan since he was mentioned to have died. I think it might be an entirely new character
  • @HighGuy92
    I wish I could remember the planet, but it was a temperate one that had cloaked wildlife, could barely see them until I hit the scanner. It was weird!
  • Think girl that is holding out Groat dagger @ 0.50 in the trailer is a young Andreja. That character that appears once you’ve fixed Grav drive could be Sebastian Banks as he went missing at sometime during his adventures.
  • I'm getting strong "Sheogorath" vibes from the whole thing especially after watching this video. Alternate dimension? Cosmic horrors beyond our imagination? A dash of that Bethesda humor? Oh yeah baby...high hopes for a solid first EXPANSION to starfield. Not a DLC...an EXPANSION!!!
  • @RichArd-xl9kf
    The holographic spider looks a lot like the end creature at the end of the crimson fleet part of the storyline named Echoes of the past.
  • @saitama_9279
    As long as I can join the Va’Ruun and Andreja acknowledges it. I will be extremely happy
  • @caligarner6953
    I think you are definitely on to something. I agree with you one hundred percent.
  • @WilliamH157
    Excellent analysis! Keep up the great work!
  • @RivalGrimReaper
    I hope this DLC adds in some end game repayable content, a way to obtain high level gear perhaps? but hard content, something to have to prepare for.
  • @MzShaybutta
    This was a really good video, and great sound theories. However I'm still hoping the clear ethereal beings are sentient alien beings. I'm also hoping Varrun Khai is located in a different galaxy as opposed to a different dimension.
  • Midgard serpent that’s what I’m calling the great serpent is and maybe we’ll get to hold Mjölnir
  • @ghostlyswat12
    I did find it weird that the game gave us no evil/morally grey companions I mean we got vasco be he’s a robot so he has no morals And Yh we have named nine story companions but I mean come on the story companions have all the personality
  • @landonor1
    I don't want to be Va Ruun but i want to live there. It's beautiful.