What Can £100 Get You In Thailand

Published 2024-03-19
@Niko finds out just how far £100 can get him in Bangkok, Thailand!

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All Comments (21)
  • @MVSIF
    The relationship between niko and patiang is unreal
  • @masha6270
    the way he just spent so much of his day with his driver 😭 i love these videos so much they're so wholesome!
  • @nouraal6098
    Niko doesn't even try, like he just does challenges and trolls people but ends up making the most wholesome videos. I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face
  • My Thai grandma just passed and this video really helped me remember my times with her when i was younger with her and in Bangkok. So thank you for this.
  • @ariku_m
  • @Huncholini
    Just shows you the type of personality Niko has that he makes such good friendships everywhere he goes. The man deserves his flowers
  • @franzschopper
    That gesture at the end was very heart warming. You gave him almost 2 months worth of minimum wage salary in Thailand.
  • @rawan5804
    “He’s my dad” then hearing the man’s laugh in the boat ride then seeing him smiling from ear to ear🥺💜 I LOVE NIKO he’s so cute and wholesome 😠
  • Love it when this man interacted with random people like they were friends for years
  • I’m from Thailand and have been niko’s fan for long time. So glad you visited Thailand and sharing smile with us
  • @ArcherAdventures
    I love these videos so much! And that your driver was just waking up expecting a normal day of work, and then you just go change his whole day, seeing you both so happy and having fun is amazing! Love the pod hotel!!
  • @samxx8401
    Honestly I’m usually a silent watcher, BUT THIS WAS GENUINELY the most heartwarming sweetest interaction ever. I’m happy you get to bless people with things like this and it must be an amazing feeling for both of you♥️. God bless you :)
  • @aw5021
    Wholesome!! Made Patiang’s whole day❤️ This is why you’re elite, Niko
  • @2phat721
    The fact Niko & Aj made friends with their drivers is amazing!!
  • Niko’s kind energy with these strangers is always the best part of his travel videos