comitting mass murder with suguru geto (a jujutsu kaisen playlist)

Published 2021-08-13
art creds @/ chiaki_0219_ on twt

i was going for falling in love with your partner in crime vibes for this playlist

Anime : Jujutsu Kaisen
Character(s) in pic : Suguru Geto

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  • bbyandie
    timestamps <3 (tell me if there's mistakes!)
    0:01 don't threaten me with a good time - p!atd

    3:30 wires - the neighborhood

    6:43 she's my collar - gorillaz

    10:13 chill bill - rob stone

    13:14 kaikai kitan - eve (jjk op1)

    16:50 hayloft - mother mother

    19:50 pump it - the black eyed peas

    23:25 smells like a teen spirit - nirvana

    28:25 #brooklynbloodpop - syko

    30:50 spy? - whokilledxix

    33:25 striptease - carwash

    36:03 yandere - jazmin bean

    39:33 my ordinary life - the living tombstone

    43:20 lavagirl - ilytommy

    45:45 baby comehome 2/valentines - the neighborhood

    49:40 kiwi - harry styles

    52:35 july - sir chloe

    55:45 do I wanna know - arctic monkeys

    1:00:05 look at me! - xxxtentacion

    1:02:15 oh darling - freddie dredd
  • Sky Quinn
    I think Geto is a well decided character and villain who can't be hated unless you have your own personal reasons behind it.
  • jitters worrywart
    This playlist is actually god tier I donโ€™t need to skip ANY songs. AND THIS PLAYLIST IS AN HOUR LONG SO YEAH IM LISTENING TO IT ALL
  • Zen Gold
    Ayo, this playlist makes Mass Murder feel very casual to me and geto lol-
  • this playlist is actually so good- my imagination went brrrr
    I havent done this before but...


    The floor was littered with bodies- blood stained the marble floor around their heads like gruesome halos, and as you looked at the face of one of the dead; their blank, unseeing eyes, their broken body, you felt yourself sway slightly, your heart hammering against your ribs.
    Your grip tightened around the dagger you held in your hand, slick with sinful red.

    How had you gotten to this point?

    How could you have strayed so far from what you had been taught?
    A slightly hysterical laugh bubbled in your throat, but it came out more like a strangled sob.

    You look up, meeting the gaze of the man in front of you.

    Your eyes roamed his face, from his angular, feline features to his slanting, ever - observing eyes, dark and intent as they looked at you.
    They sparkled with sadistic enjoyment, and a bit of red tinted his pale cheeks.
    He was grinning, and suddenly you knew the answers to your questions.

    Suguru Getou.

    He was the reason for all this- he was the reason you were clinging to your sanity like a drowning man clutching at straws.

    Suguru Getou with his soft, lilting voice that wrapped around your mind like a velvet blanket, muffling any thoughts in your mind apart from the warmth of his skin against yours, the way your heart flutters when he whispers sweet nothings into your ear.

    Suguru Getou with his sweet words and venomous actions.
    Suguru Getou , who would watch the world burn down with the same small, intoxicating smile he was wearing right now.
    And despite this, you had never felt so alive.

    You hated him.

    You revered him.

    " Having fun?" he asked you, his long legs making short work of the distance between the two of you. You now stood almost chest to chest, so close that if one of you breathed heavily, your torsos would touch.
    You considered his question- was this gossamer, airy feeling settled over you enjoyment?
    Getou looked down at you, his dark gaze burning into you as he waited for your answer.
    Finally, you nodded, slightly shocked by the sudden realisation.

    The taller man's face split into a wide grin, and he grabbed your face in his bloody hands.
    The euphoric feeling of his skin on yours overpowered the metallic, salty remnants of the slaughtered.

    He pressed his forehead against yours, and your hands immediately moved- one into his long, dark hair, and the other onto his chest. You could feel the smooth planes of muscle through his shirt, and you blushed at the contact.
    " I knew you would come along." he whispered, his satin voice entrancing you once again. " All of these lives are meaningless, Darling. They aren't like you and me." He brought his head down to the crook to your neck. " You don't belong with them. The only one you need is me," he whispered into your ear, his voice sending shivers down your back. Your fist clenched around the fabric of his shirt.

    " But am I the only one you need?" you breathed. You felt Getou tense in your arms, and he lifted his head to your level, his nose almost brushing yours.
    " Y/N" he scolded quietly "of course."
    He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your mouth- it was gentle and soft, and you revelled in the knowledge that he could snap you like a twig, let your drop to the floor like a puppet with its strings cut, like he did minutes ago with the others.

    But he didn't.

    He held you like you were the only important thing in the world. He held you as if he held you too hard, you would fade into nothing. He held you as if he could hardly believe you were real.

    And it was at moment you realised.

    Suguru Getou would watch the world burn without a qualm, but he would fight the universe to keep you by his side.
    And you realised you would too, to stay by his side.
    You ran your fingers through his dark locks and savoured the sigh of enjoyment your got from him.
    " Did you keep count of how many you got?" Getou asked, his tone playful.
    " 182," you answered sullenly, already knowing he won.
    "251." The corner of his lips curled in a smug smile. He let out a little chuckle at the small pout on your face, and lowered his head to press another chaste kiss to your lips.

    " Don't worry, Darling. Theres always next time."
  • snakie min
    Screams of agony are filling your ears, leaving you with this pleasant gut feeling of hearing them beg for mercy. You and your lover Geto Suguru have been massacring people in this area for quite a while now, the idea being initiated by the raven haired man last minute, while you two were out for a smoke. โ€œIts been awhile since we had our fun darlingโ€ he said with his honey like smooth voice, with a lit cigarette lazily hanging off of his lips. And here you are right now, torturing all of them with the weapon of your choice, slaughtering them one by one without batting an eye. You could hear Suguru having his own fun in the distance. Turning your head to him, he was covered in blood, his neatly tied bun now all disheveled. He had this glare with a tone of insanity plastered on his face, the black orbs making his gaze seem more intimidating as he stared back at you. He smirked โ€œTake a picture, itโ€™ll last longerโ€ he threw a remark, making you roll eyes.

    It felt like ages, But you are sitting a top of some dead bodies in silence, with Geto lighting up a cigarette. You were examining the seemingly โ€œmasterpieceโ€ you two completed. Dead bodies, all having various torture marks covering their limp bodies, puddles of blood under the piles of corpses. The smell of this whole scene didnโ€™t seem to bother you one bit, growing accustomed to it a long time ago. Your thoughts came to a stop when geto held you gently by your waist with his blood covered hands, closer to him. He engulfed you in a passionate kiss, the taste of the cigarette still lingering on his tongue. โ€œYou look absolutely gorgeous like thisโ€ he said while intensely examining your face. Minor blood stains, your hair messy. He smirked, knowing that only he ever gets to see you like this, which made him proud. Coincidentally, you had a similar train of thoughts through your own mind, thinking how handsome and in love he looked while staring at your face. You two enveloped each other in a hungry kiss, relishing each others taste.

    You two were really made for each other

  • Jay Chae
    playlist so good that i just felt v inspired to write something lol:

    Your palms clasped each others as though it were a promise.

    Around both of you echoed screams, cries, pleas as he sank them to hell, and you sent them to heaven. Together you are unstoppable.

    He knew it could, it would turn out like this. It was either both of you or no one could, would do it. It was for the greater good, and you two were the greatest good of them all.

    Remember the day it all began? He used to make you smile all stupid, your heart flutter as carelessly formed pick up lines and immature humour. Youโ€™re not thinking of that then, although that was great too. Youโ€™re thinking of the day that Suguru Geto practically asked for your hand in his violent plans. Jujutsu was tough and kept getting tougher; you kept watching the others climb to heights you couldnโ€™t even see until this fateful day, but it all cleared as Suguru lent his hand to yours, and suddenly you were on his level. You understood what it was like, not necessarily swallowing down curses, but definitely some sort of pain. Finally there was someone to bear it with you, even if it was a descent through darkness.

    Day has fallen into night. Is it alright that after a day full of hidden smiles to each other and endlessly light conversation, in lieu of that you and him both arise to murder sprees? Suguru is no longer just a crush, he has fully encompassed all of your senses, to a point where you hyperventilate instead of breathe, just because you realise he got up a little earlier than usual to brighten his dark mind with a little smoke. You can forgive everything Suguru does and thatโ€™s why you left Jujutsu for him. Thatโ€™s why youโ€™re burning someone to ashes at your feet while Suguruโ€™s calm laughter starts to sound from behind you.

    โ€œSometimes I think Iโ€™m going crazyโ€ฆ and that itโ€™s all for nothingโ€

    The final body (for now) crumples to the ground.

    โ€œBut youโ€™re still here with meโ€ฆโ€

    Suguru exhales, from relief, but is hesitant in his next words:

    โ€œYou think Iโ€™m doing the right thing, right?โ€

    Well. You left for him, not for what he was doing. You accept him, everything about him, no matter what it is. Even this. It doesnโ€™t mean this is right. But youโ€™re not going to tell your lover that.

    Wiping blood off of his face, as if it cleans away this side to him, you canโ€™t do much else apart from reach out for his hand with your other one, and look up with an agreeing smile.

    Holding each other, like itโ€™s a promise, like itโ€™s OK.
  • Nicole Kenney
    The second i heard don't threaten me with a good time I knew this was gonna be accurate as hell. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ’–
  • sofya vibe
    yoo this playlist is such a badbitch vibes one, love it!! made one recently myself, but it has more of a "no one really understands me", this will be my second go-to geto playlist, thanx <33
  • Nayumaki L27
    Simplesmente enfeitiรงada por esse conjunto magnรญfico de obras maravilhosas!
  • gai.
    thanks for this playlistโ€” as i thought I'm the only one imagining committing mass murder whenever i felt nothing.
  • jaden carp
    I swear , one of the best playlist ever heard. every song is perfectly placed in the mix. please keep it up
  • Ayana Darlin
    I usually skip so many songs in playlists, but THIS ONE?? PERFECT! I AM REALLY ENJOYING THIS A LTTLE TOO MUCH
  • sara Franco
    joder pero si esta buenisima, ya la agregue a mi playlist ^^
  • Katrina Brown
    Just chugged a monster and I'm vibing with this playlist hardcore in the middle of the night. Good vibes good vibes.