dad life

Published 2023-09-15

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  • unlike most parents, it warms my heart to see felix and marzia give the same care to their dogs after having a baby
  • @iGameApple
    He looks so happy and it makes me wanna move to Japan.
  • @jellybean7993
    He went from screaming at games to becoming the calmest coolest dad ever. I bet even Felix didn't anticipate how much his life was going to change.
  • @spock98997
    Björn is going to be so lucky if he grows up speaking English, Swedish, Japanese, and Italian
  • @Biggest-Ounce
    I’m gonna cry, I’ve never been so happy for someone on Youtube. It feels weird to have second hand happiness for someone I’ve never met but seeing how far pewds has come since amnesia is just so amazing.
  • @izznt
    I didn't know Marzia was editing ! She does such a wonderful job - the tone and pace and vibe are all so soothing and calm. Brava 👏
  • Felix living in Japan grants him a normal life, truly cool to see such a notable public figure live normally and enjoy life to the fullest
  • @kristine5582
    It’s heartwarming to see how satisfied both Marzia and Felix look after Bjorn was born.
  • @kellyb1420
    Love ya Pewds ❤

    I raised my children watching you…

    Now we get to watch a whole new chapter together again!!

    We are a Pewdiepie Family for LIFE!!!
  • When he paused before saying Maya's name @7:32 ...🥺 I'm glad to see you guys out and about enjoying life with baby Bjorn <3
  • Pewdiepie's vlogs always make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I watch them. These other "vloggers" need to take notes because this is the right way to get it done! We need more content like this!
  • I’m so grateful that even though he’s a busy dad now he’s still able to take and share with us through his journey. It feels like we’ve all grown with Felix and his little family and it’s truly beautiful, thank you Felix! 😊
  • @MrBartyaN
    I used to watch Felix for laughs and now look at me - almost crying every new video, i dont know what to say. Happy for you (and your family), dude, that's a nice life to live!
  • @hfhsxz4204
    Been watching you since I was a kid and seeing you like this is weird, We're proud of you Pewds
  • @ceces5283
    Marzia’s little giggles are so adorable
  • From that kid who screams while playing video games to actually being a father, I'm genuinely so happy for you Felix
  • @g.g.7058
    That kid is gonna be so happy, healthy and wholesome. Best dad ever! He's gonna be so proud of his dad when he grows up.
  • It always warms my heart seeing felix so happy. I remember watching him during his amnesia days with stephano and BARREL. And now a dad with a beautiful wife. Im so happy for you bro. You deserve the best
  • Time is being so gracious to Felix. it makes me so happy to see him and Marzia happy :)