Watch his reaction when he’s told he’s a GOOD BOY for the first time

Published 2023-11-13
PUPDATE on BEAR here:    • Here’s what happened to Bear  
Special thanks to all of you for the support so we can help him and Sundays for Dogs for agreeing to my idea to feed him for an entire year! Get it for your dog with this exclusive Black Friday / Cyber Monday limited time deal use code ROCKY60 👉 Get 60% off:

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Thank you Animal Friends of the Valley's for helping him. Please no calls or emails to the shelter so we don't overwhelm him but if you live close stop in. You can even put a hold on him if you want to be the first in line to adopt him once he is released for adoption. Updates will be here as they come in:…

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  • @tanull45
    From Rocky's website:- UPDATE 11/17/23: Bear was ADOPTED! Thanks to all of you sharing his story, he was able to catch the eyes of his brand new dad. We appreciate you all!👍💜👍
  • I adopted an emaciated Doberman mix just like him from a county shelter and I can’t tell you enough how much I relate to your comments. It took me a year to nurse her to health and let me tell you it was so worth it. You are awesome highlighting these dogs !!!
  • I got so teary when he wagged his tail when he was called a good boy. What a sweet, beautiful boy. This is the first of your videos I've seen. What a cool thing. Thank you for doing this.
  • I'm so happy Bear was adopted by someone other than whomever was his owner before. Thank you for all you do you are a Godsend ❤
  • Se nós humanos, precisamos de amor e carinho, imagine um bichinho desses. Legal o jeito que o cachorrinho vai ganhando confiança nele mesmo. Awesome!
  • @TheMegs1607
    He's so beautiful 😍. I'm sitting here crying, I can't imagine what he's been through 😢 Glad to hear he's been adopted ❤️
  • @huskyvizsla
    EDIT: Since a lot of people are asking: I will be doing my best to keep you all posted with updates on my channel here and on Instagram, same username both places (HuskyVizsla)!

    UPDATE! New dad here! Thank you so much for all the love and positive messages! It's absolutely amazing how many people are asking and caring about how "Bear" is doing. His new name is Shadow (Shadow Moon), and he is like a different dog already! He is healthy, happy and loved, and I will do my best to keep you all updated! He is definitely a Hungarian Vizsla, and now have an older Husky sister. She had a Vizsla brother for about 4 years, so we are well aware of the needs and quirks of the breed, and they absolutely love each other! Vizslas are the ultimate Velcro dogs, and I expect him to keep sticking to me like a Shadow, which is part of why he got his name!
  • @suseq13
    What a sweet boy!!! I'm so glad you brought attention to him so he was adopted quickly... he deserves a life filled with love and companionship, and FOOD... thank you for all you do!!! ❤️
  • As difficult as this was to watch, I'm glad I did. Thanks for bringing this story to the 11 million of us who have watched this video in the last 3 weeks. My hope is that Bear lives a full and happy life with his new family. He's got a sweet disposition, and I'm sure he'll make, whomever it was who adopted him, a wonderful companion.
  • @stacyparis4408
    I'm sitting watching this with my dog curled up on my bed, with her own pillow and blanket, snuggled in and snoring! This video made me want to go to my local animal shelter and cuddle all of the animals! What a gorgeous, sweet boy.
  • Thank you for speaking so candidly about how to approach an animal that has been homeless for a long time!
  • You are a gift to these abused animals. 😢Please don’t stop what your doing they need you and so many more like you.
  • @acebase2694
    NO CHANCE FOR THAT OLD OWNER!!! This dog deserves a fresh start! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • So thankful for you and your team, Rocky! And so happy he's been adopted! Good boy, Bear!
  • @MamguSian
    So glad to hear that Bear got a the loving home he deserves ❤ And thank you so much for making that possible for him.
  • @jekafe
    I love how on 16:20 Bear got all shy when Rocky was giving him compliments 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
  • @mandyallen553
    Thank you so much for the time and love you give these dogs! This gorgeous boy is going to make the most incredible friend to whom ever adopts him! You can see how smart Bear is, and how he wants to be loved and treated well! You are wonderful with these dogs!
  • @RobsWorld
    Such a gentle and sweet boy. His situation got me a bit upset, but I’m glad to know he is now being taken care of and will hopefully become strong and healthy like he deserves.
  • @leiponimoih8625
    This is not lack of education. This is neglect and cruelty. So glad he got rescued. He is a sweetheart!!
  • @A-Kasa
    He's so obviously such a sweet boy! I'm tearing up watching this!