Woman Ruins Gender Reveal Party

Published 2022-03-07

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  • Handsomejojo
    Everyone’s treating her bad but the whole thing would never happen if she didn’t accidentally pop the balloon but she deserves to be treated bad from how she treats her employee
  • Madison Ng
    Basically if you meet someone who says they never make “mistakes” that means that they are crazy and don’t know what they are saying. I love it how Lia can roast people and whenever she says stuff that is funny, I laugh to!! You are so amazing Lia, love how you are so cool! Loved you reacting to this video girl, you rock hope you have a fantastic day!!
  • *StrawberryLover*
    " no! ur blind. u have glasses for a reason" that just made my day even better :)
  • jessica knox
    She never fails to put a smile on our faces
  • Cecilia Cintino
    Tamika: “because your a perfectionist?” Boss: “because I don’t make mistakes.”
    Me: “so your a perfectionist.”
  • Oluga Ramasimu
    I appreciate the love and dedication she puts in her videos thank you for always making my day
  • mayaheartsu
    the HAPPINESS Lia brings me is unbelievable ❤️❤️
  • Gamingmaster king
    Thank you for always putting a smile on my face every day 😁
  • Sparks Noel
    I love how she doesn’t make fun of these videos and shares them for more people to watch 💗💗
  • Steven_B_W
    I can vouch for the “Yeah, us Latinos we know a lotta people” we got some contacts lmfao 😂😂😂😂
  • Jungkook Kkkk
    I love it when people get what they deserve 😈
  • Sammy Lane
    Chairman's scripts are always uneven written but always fun to watch.
  • [ ᴏʀᴇᴏ ]
    Patty is the accurate representation of when the manager and the Karen joins forces
  • Aislin Z
    Her snarky remarks are 95% of why the video is amazing lol

    8:11 I would've accepted $5 LOL
  • Beth's Adventures
    I luv how sssniperwolf can make any dhar man vid exciting ❤️❤️ keep up the good work
  • Alyssa Dana
    Hates kids but throws gender reveals.

    Bosses who treat employees like this should be punched.
  • 6Colors
    Nah, this woman really be like: "Patty's Parties are Perfect. :)", Inhale, Exhale, Inhal- Pops Balloon While waving knife around. She was asking for that to happen.