Bruce Arians sent Mike Evans after Marshon Lattimore! #shorts #nfl #mikeevans

Published 2022-09-20

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  • Weldings life
    Bruce arians: aren’t you gonna protect Brady?
    Mike evans: oh yea I forgot
  • Whyizit
    "I'm about to smack Lattimore"
    "I got you coach"
  • troy smith
    Ba the mob boss sent a hit and Evans answered 😂
  • General Poncho
    No hesitation! “Yes coach” bing bong dong 😂💣
  • reynarain
    BA looking like a mafia boss with his little hat lol.
  • Josh Lucas
    Bro turned around and became the waterboy!
  • E.Harvard
    I’m just waiting for the day the headlines read “Evans and Latimore throw fisticuffs during the off season” 😂
  • Jordan K
    Funniest shit I’ve seen. “Go beat the shit out of him”, you got it coach.
  • Michael Brown
    Best match up in the league right now. M.Evans vs M.Lattimore. Need more of it.
  • senin clan
    Physically hitting Brady is equivalent to retiring same day
  • Ant Man
    I think mike Evan gon still get paid just under the table 😂
  • BA said go get em I'll approve all your incentives right now 😭😭😭
  • Bruce Arians: "Get Your Ass Back In There & Protect Brady!"
    Mike Evans: "Yes, Sir! Here I Come Tom!"😂😂😂😂
  • Jaheim Ré
    I love how the camera just happened to change at the last moment.🤔
  • Kendell Haynes
    You clearly see Arians talking to Lattimore as Evans was walking in front of him.
  • Beegrun
    Bruce always looking like a cherry tomato 🤣