I Survived Overnight In Shrek’s Swamp

Published 2023-12-07

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  • @airrack
    Rate my reenactment of the Shrek opening sequence in the comments
  • @ryan
    this still feels like a fever dream
  • @Wunba
    Airrack is getting closer and closer to that 12am mark without uploading a video each day! 😬
    Didn’t Ryan post the same video a month ago???
  • @Wombat_Gaming
    I just love when YouTubers come together to enjoy a nice day at Shrek's swamp.
  • Eric is the type of guy to go from traveling europe in a straight line to living in shreks house
  • @user8795x
    I can’t take this series for granted cause I know my life will never be the same after it 😂
  • @Landon5066
    It’s pre-recorded. Ryan Trahan posted a video of this months ago
  • @Slapssandwich
    This is pre-recorded sadly….. but let’s just be happy that he was able to upload because I know a lot of us thought he wasn’t gonna do it!
  • @Logar2012
    As someone who is subscribed to both Airrack and Ryan I see this as an absolute win.
  • @Mugxwara
    Let’s all appreciate the effort Donkey puts into preparing his meals
  • @Babypanther111
    He did not post yesterday, mafia, his channel might get deleted😢
  • @amarir9924
    This is a full circle moment because I first found Airack’s channel from him being in one of Ryan’s videos and now I watch every single video. One on the best crossovers.
  • @bryanurmum966
    whatttt..... i thought these videos were new like you would be doing the challenge right now cause ryan alredy posted the video of the shreks swamp a month ago so like all the videos are already done.
  • @Thebasementbros.
    ryan has the most lackluster shrek impression and i'm honestly ok with it 💀