New Parent Stereotypes

Published 2022-05-14
New Parent Stereotypes... Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em!
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All Comments (21)
  • That'll Work
    These hit home on so many levels 😂 Love seeing the families in this one!
  • Caitlin Hester
    If mom gets off tick tok she will have more energy had me dying
  • Bossin_Up_888
    This is the funniest thing I've ever seen! 🤣 Love this!!
    No wonder they have so many subs...
  • Zyg Plays
    They should’ve done this one after wedding stereotypes and then They would do children stereotypes
  • Ze MJ Editor
    I’ve watched this like twenty times and I still can’t get over how accurate this is. Especially the grandparents one 😂
  • Gamma45
    I feel the pain of the kids seeing Ty go insane at that party that day...

    Edit: 48 likes? Guess its from people who feel the pain too

    Edit2: Man more likes
  • A Glimpse Inside
    Now I’m just patiently awaiting, parents of teenagers stereotypes.
  • Saw Dude
    I love to see how far these guys have come been watching them since that first video
  • randomdefender
    There's also:
    1. The parent too afraid to say no to their kids. As soon as the tears come they give into their child.
    2. The "old school" parents. Those who hit, spank, and use the belt, paddle, shoe or other physical punishments on their kids sometimes for small offenses.
    3. Also with the overly protective parent they also lock everything that could be dangerous to their child away and put gates and alarms almost everywhere in the house. The complete opposite of 5:23-5:44
    4. The dad who didn't want to be a dad.
    5. The parents who were only planning one child or just one more child and end up getting multiples.
    6. While not technically the parent there's also someone who is interested in the child and family. Like if the parents are two different races and their kids are biracial or look the parents look nothing like the kid. Then there is the stranger who thinks the parent kidnapped the children because they look nothing like their child or are a different race than their child. Or assumes something about the family.
  • Jonathan Boyd
    The Negotiator and Passive Aggressive stereotype was totally on point. 😂😂 Spoiling grandparents is without a doubt how my parents are with my daughter. Toddler Appetites is without a doubt my child. She’ll scream about being hungry, barely eat, say she’s done, then 5 minutes want snacks instead of her plate of food. How were these so on point?!?!
  • Trylze
    They should’ve done the rage monster as someone who found out they weren’t the dad of the baby💀
  • I like cats
    It’s been 7 years and Tyler can still do the rage monster flawlessly.
  • twentyone
    They should do a April Fools Stereotypes where Cody actually does a Rage Monster stereotype as a prank but Ty sees it as a very bad impression of him and actually turns into the Rage Monster
  • Emily Shenk
    I like when Tyler has his little talk with his son about bed time
  • Timestamps:
    0:00 1. The Fainting Dad
    0:21 2. Not Gonna Slow Me Down
    0:33 3. To Grandmother’s House We Go
    0:51 4. The Most Awkward Situation of Your Life
    1:28 5. Toynado
    1:42 6. Gender Reveal Party
    2:06 7. The Negotiation
    2:48 8. Passive Aggressive Parents
    3:19 9. Weird Baby Names
    3:45 10. We’ll Never Do That!
    4:11 11. Strict Parents
    4:30 12. Spoiling Grandparents
    4:43 13. Pouch Dad
    4:55 14. Proud Parent
    5:24 15. Chaos Kids
    5:47 16. Late Game Surprise
    6:08 17. Dumpster Minivan
    6:32 18. Overly Extravagant Kid’s Birthday Party
    7:13 19. THE RAGE MONSTER
    8:04 20. Sympathetic Weight Gain
    8:41 21. Baby Blowout
    9:02 22. Car Seat Struggles
    9:21 23. New Dad
    9:39 24. Toddler Appetites
    9:56 25. Overprotective Parent
    10:17 26. Toddler Talk
    10:36 27. The Translator

    Edit: thanks for the likes
  • Nicole Breuer
    Dude perfect always makes me laugh! They should never stop doing what they do! And I like how Cody always gets attacked by the rage monster.
  • RapisGames
    I love how they can still get the rage monster in every single stereotypes video
  • Asher Nelson
    I love how blippi is still in his character after getting wrecked by the rage monster and it’s funny seeing a kids tv show character getting tackled