Postgame Interview: Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders after Colorado's 2OT victory over Colorado St.

Published 2023-09-17
Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders sat down with reporters and discussed the Colorado Buffaloes' 2OT victory over the Colorado State Rams.

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Postgame Interview: Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders after Colorado's 2OT victory over Colorado St.
   • Postgame Interview: Shedeur Sanders a...  


All Comments (21)
  • @RanceRob
    Marching your team 98 yards to tie or win the game is something kids dream about. Incredible game.
  • @Endlessunkwn
    Respect… Shedeur letting the interviewers know his kicker was there to take questions as well. Real dude.🙏
  • Usually brothers aren't on the same team. Dad is coach, one brother leads the offense, the other leads the defense. What a family legacy they're building.
  • @spadorama
    Shilo is more like prime than any of his kids. He’s hilarious, mixed with confidence. Definitely a peoples person. Just interview him, and he’ll talk for everyone. Also a musical savant. Salute lil bro…
  • Shout out to Shedeur for giving his Kicker praise and letting reporters know to ask him questions as well. That’s huge man he really want’s everyone to eat
  • @mimimckinney705
    Shilo and Shadeur in one interview is like having Coach Prima split into two people. One is very serious all business the other is the lite hearted jokester . 🎩 and 🕶️
  • Please let Shilo comes to the postgame press conferences more! He’s too funny😂
  • The kicker through the whole interview looked so nervous.

    Then you hear him speak and see the confidence usher out. You can feel his confidence when he gets to talk about him and his game, and you can hear the way coach prime affects these players and how they talk.

    I’ve never been a college football fan, but coach prime and these young men have put it on the map for me. Peak entertainment
  • @jackers245
    Shiloh is so much fun to listen to. He's diffinitely his father's son! "They got a whole animal running around". 😂😂
  • @Swooshman_3
    They always find a way to mention Jackson, MS in each presser… them boys miss JSU on a personal level. They don’t forget where they came from. Hopefully JSU feels the same as well.❤
  • These young men are so confident in themselves. We need more of this in the world. This was a crazy good game. Happy for the Colorado Buffs team win, this one of the best college games I've ever seen.
  • @tomcraft2845
    What amazing human beings Shilo and Shadeur are, Coach Prime should be so proud of them
  • @rodriguez6486
    Shilo is going to be a coach. Very well spoken, can get his message across and knows the game.
  • @cindyrolle6476
    I love Sheduer’s happiness and team leadership. So proud of the entire team. So proud to see Shilo shine along with Meta.
  • @Pearlruby718
    This is the first time in my 70 plus years I have actually witnessed the proverbial "chips of the old block". Great job Coach Prime. You have reared two classy intelligent fun sons. 👏🏼👍🏼
  • @JRally6
    Brothers representing for their father….come on y’all. This is beautiful
  • @davidbkg6155
    These boys were raised right. The QB making sure the kicker gets his props and attention too speaks volume because that normally doesnt happen
  • @8macvar
    2:59 I love that even though Shadeur pivoted away from her question to acknowledge his brother and give him praise, he was able to settle back and remember and respond to her question..Most people would have forgot about the question due to being distracted or asked for the question to be repeated. Goes to show at cubi you have to be able to think and multitask
  • @BetterWorld0
    If Shilo isn’t in the next post game interview… we riot!!!!

    We want Shilo clap clap clap clap 👏🏽