AP World History Livestream REVIEW—Units 7-9 (90 minutes)

Published 2024-05-14

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  • @Ivy_17xo
    Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!!
  • @joev8037
    Hey Mr.Heimler I took AP world freshman year during Covid and you helped me get a 4. You’ve helped me get a 4 in Euro and a 5 in APUSH and hopefully another 5 in Gov. While you weren’t one of my actual teacher you had such a big impact. As a senior I can definitely say you have been one of my favorite teachers I’ve had. My sister is now a freshman and taking AP World and using your videos to help her. I just want to express my gratitude for all the young adults you have impacted and you will continue to impact through your amazing personality and informative videos.
  • @BritishAPT
    Heimler is such a GOAT that he spent literally over an hour and a half reading superchats.
  • @Zouzouluuu
    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! WE GETTING THOSE FIVES TIMESTAMPS 3:40 Unit 7- Global Conflict Big idea #1 3:45 Big idea #2 6:32 Big idea #3 9:12 Big idea #4 11:33 Big idea #5 16:10 Big idea #6 19:28 Big idea #7 24:45 31:43 Unit 8- Cold War and Decolonization Big idea #1 31:52 Big idea #2 35:45 Big idea #3 40:08 Big idea #4 45:07 Big idea #5 48:20 Big idea #6 51:04 Big idea #7 52:09 1:06:23 Unit 9- Globalization Big idea #1 1:06:32 Big idea #2 1:10:08 Big idea #3 1:13:44 Big idea #4 1:16:52 Big idea #5 1:20:49 Big idea #6 1:24:39 Big idea #7 1:26:50 Big idea #8 1:28:46
  • There are two kinds of AP World students, ones who cook, and ones who are cooked
  • @thereallg4587
    This is No.3 on trending. Y’all got the best help for your tests. Good luck.
  • @Maddie93213
    I took the ap world exam today and wow, it felt easy and I knew all of the terms, questions, references etc. I feel like I did so good on my saqs and especially the dbq. Obviously I studied and read the textbook but a good amount of that understanding and knowledge came from you, thank you so much for all that you do for us and know you are appreciated ❤️
  • Good Luck Everyone!!! We’re all getting 5s!!!!! I’m rooting for you!!!!!!!❤ Thank You Heimler <3
  • @sfboom09
    bro poor heimler having to read all the brain rot 😭, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE
  • Just finished reviewing!!! Good luck everyone! I hope you know I’m rooting for you!❤ Thank you so much Heimler!!!!!<3
  • @interneter6299
    Wow # 4 on trending! Congrats on this achievement, and thanks for helping us all on this journey through the past.
  • @katie-lp3yd
    guys I hope my ap grader doesn’t judge me based on how bad my dbq and leq are about to be
  • @RonitoBurrito
    Thank you for the support throughout the year Heimler 🙏
  • @maddypooks5804
    GOOD LUCK GUYS I just cried but ima pull through we got this!
  • @LVSpringate
    You've really helped me man, thank you 🙏 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE TMR
  • @WWXsDonkay
    Yall don’t worry, my score alone will curve the grade so much yall will do amazing 😫
  • @katie-lp3yd
    guys im gonna miss heimler ☹️ doing dual enrollment next yr so im excited for no ap classes but IM GONNA MISS HIMM