Every Mythical Inaccuracy in Disney's Hercules (300,000 subscriber special)

Published 2022-03-06

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  • Trying something new again. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry it was delayed due to copyright disputes. Trying to get the Sea of Monsters review out next. Thanks so much for all the love and support you guys send me every day!
  • @ofekk213
    you forgot to mention the thing disney violated the most: they tried to make zeus look like a loving and caring father.
  • @killer92173
    The fact that Herc is still breathing after saying Meg is, "More beautiful than Aphrodite" is beyond me. Lol
  • @lillith8444
    I like the way Hades is always described as a bad, mean villain. But actually he’s the only one who does what he’s supposed to do and doesn’t get every living being he comes across pregnant
  • @NidotheKing
    Hades is arguably the kindest and most reasonable of the big 3. It's so criminal that he gets the short end of the stick in tellings like these.
  • I like how this isn't a video like "the movie sucks because it isn't accurate" it's like "this movies nice but it's not at all the real story" very well done. Perfect combination of providing information and humor while still enjoying a Disney movie
  • Hercules: "She's even more beautiful than Aphrodite”

    Aphrodite: " I'll pretend I didn't hear that"
    Huge inaccuracy right there
  • @jf_kein_k8590
    Always weird that Phil didn't believe that Zeus was Hercules father at first, considering Zeus is the father of roughly 10% of greece population.
  • I love this guys 😂😂😂
    "I know this gonna shock people...but there were actually no elevators in Greek mythology"
  • @hot_soup4319
    I'm glad you talked about Hades and how he's never really a villain. Honestly by Greek God standards he's probably one of the nicer Gods.
  • Just realized that when Hades says he has plans for August, he means his wife is coming home. That’s sweet and cool that they added that reference to Persephone and their relationship
  • @Super-qr7wm
    The genuine fear and panic in his voice after "More beautiful than Aphrodite" is funny.
  • @ImTMZ
    Considering the things they "DID" get right, it's clear someone did their research. I can imagine that same someone in the writer's room just ripping their hair out when someone said, "let's put pegasus in there"
  • @kyliviie2903
    I'm convinced that Zeus himself wrote that movie script
  • This movie was probably written by Zeus & Hera's marriage counselor giving them a scenario where they were both loving parents and Zeus never committed adultery a single day in his life.
    And yes just imagine the myths that man could tell.
  • @TheoWerewolf
    It's the story of Superman. Seriously, walk through it. Child of alien parents is sent to earth where he's found by the Κεντσ, a farm couple. As he grows up, he discovers he has superpowers and that he's not like the other kids (note, in the Disney version, he's not a demigod - he's Hera and Zeus' kid), has a talk with his father through a statue (hologram) and then heads out to "the big city" to find his fortunes. There he meets a strong willed and feisty woman and falls in love and pickes up a nemesis in the form of Lex Hades with his two sidekicks Otis and Miss Tessmocher.
  • @treesandwich4360
    I think the most inaccurate thing in Disney Hercules was they made hera love heracles also hera and Zeus are in a loving relationship
  • 9:56 This list makes me realize one thing: You can sum up Greek mythology by saying "Zeus couldn't keep it in his toga" and it would explain so much.
  • Fun fact, Hebe is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. So not only did Heracles marry his half-sister, but the daughter of the Goddess who drive him insane.
  • Zeus: "Who are you?

    "I am your son."

    Zeus: "Do you have the slightest idea of how little that narrows it down?"