Every Mythical Inaccuracy in Disney's Hercules (300,000 subscriber special)

Published 2022-03-06

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  • The Mythology Guy
    Trying something new again. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry it was delayed due to copyright disputes. Trying to get the Sea of Monsters review out next. Thanks so much for all the love and support you guys send me every day!
  • ofekk213
    you forgot to mention the thing disney violated the most: they tried to make zeus look like a loving and caring father.
  • Guilherme de B.
    I believe that one of the reasons they chose to make Hades the bad guy instead of Hera was to drift away from the old Disney formula of having the stepmother as the villain
  • Fluffystuff 500
    Most of the things you had to say about Hades could be summed up by saying:
    "Hades was NOT just Greek Satan"
  • AACMBirdzilla23
    As one spanish comment once said:
    "If Disney had been 5% faithful to the original mythology, Hercules wouldn't have been a family friendly movie at all"
  • Kyra
    The biggest issues I have with the movie is how they villainized the character who deserved it the LEAST, made Zeus a good husband (wtf), and made Hera Hercules' mother.
  • Slayer_Z47
    Hades really doesn’t seem like a bad guy based on the actual mythology. He was a good husband and a reasonable king. If u wanna bring up the “but he kidnapped Persephone “ I mean yh but her father, Zeus told him to. He really did genuinely love her and she loved him, the hole coming back to the underworld was a celebration for him because he got to see his wife again.
  • Kyli Viie
    I'm convinced that Zeus himself wrote that movie script
  • FiftyFifty
    Probably 25 years ago I had a conversation with a department chair at a highly respected liberal arts college. He explained that his sister worked for Disney animation and had been instrumental in the pre-production of Hercules.
    Disney invited this professor (a scholar on Hercules) down to explain the stories and academic research behind the Roman and Greek myth.
    He ended the story saying “they listened intently and asked lots of questions- and did whatever they wanted anyway.” Then he laughed and went to class.
  • Interestingly, in the Japanese dub of the movie he is actually called Heracles. I guess in the English version he's called Hercules because more people are likely to recognise that name compared to Heracles? Like, "Hercules" is basically in common vernacular at this point,, but not as many people would recognise the name Heracles unless they actually had at least a passing familiarity with the myths.
    Also, Deimos and Phobos actually show up in the animated series (under the names Fear and Terror), so Pain and Panic are prrrrrrrrobably not supposed to be them.
  • Dark_Tail
    The more I learn of about greek mythology, the more I wish Disney would cover those stories instead. Hercules was fun and all but I want to see Perseus' tale told from beginning to end with epic animation to go along with it. Or even just the life and times of Hades, because that dude has a really cool amount of lore attached to him.
  • Mike Or
    Heracles' original name was Alcydies. He changed his name after he killed his wife and children when Hera drove him insane. The name "Heracles" actually means "Glory through Hera."
  • Legion Beast
    "It's kinda weird how many Hera attributes they seem to have given Hadies in this story."
    You know, that would likely explain why his entire attitude is quippy, snappy, and rather effeminate, like a jilted woman. It's like the entire role was written for Hera but swapped for Hadies.
  • JF_ kein_K
    Always weird that Phil didn't believe that Zeus was Hercules father at first, considering Zeus is the father of roughly 10% of greece population.
  • You forgot one important thing about Megara, she was actually a princess who was gifted to Heracles by her father after he helped him save his city from an invasion
  • Quintus IX
    I never realized it before but the way the story starts with "In the faraway land of Ancient Greece" plus the obvious projection of the Devil and Hell onto Hades and the Underworld makes it so apparent that this film was told from an outsider modern American perspective lol. Loved the video!
  • Zoe Lycan
    Rewatching this, for many times now , I would love to see you try make sense of Disney's Greek world
    As apparently stuff like, Rome exist, Cleopatra is alive, the Troyan war already took place, so many Greek heroes failed in their stories and so many historical inaccuracies are named....what would that mean? How would this ancient Greek world look compared to ours?
  • Zarmd
    3 of the so many things I don't get about this movie:
    - why did they not let Apollo and Hermes do the musical numbers? I mean, the Muses could've been harmony/backup singers.
    - why did they not have Thanotos and/or Cerberus as the lackeys?
    - why did they not interrupt Athena in the beginning?
  • The most methodologically accurate part of this movie is the phrase "And then along came Zeus."
  • chloerogers
    Something else strange about that zeus can't be your dad scene is that I'm pretty sure in a time in Greece it was more common to be zeus's son than being left handed