I Tested 1-Star Hotels

Published 2023-09-22
I don't need a refund, I need a therapist

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  • @JordenTually
    Ryan is basically a travel vlogger at this point 😂
    I like that Ryan isn't just a good storyteller, but also a good person and good partner - 5 stars
  • @fakebobbyhill296
    5 stars. The bed bugs were very well fed. The roaches were extremely polite. All four walls were standing. There was a view out the window. Nobody got arrested during my stay.
  • @BigFamilyOfPets
    You actually making time to read one of her favourite books is so thoughtful and wholesome. I love it.
  • @maheenkhan4641
    The fact i went and checked the reviews and there is actually a negative review of the spilled chocolate cake on the sheets 🤣🤣😭 Jessie Grace deserves an apology!
  • @rileygaudreau
    I've been binge-watching your videos and it's contagious how positive you are!!!!!
  • Kudos to you man, I would never go to 1-star hotels and sleep with bed bugs…that’s literally my nightmare 🫣
  • @lauralubbers6977
    He is brave I could never intentionally sleep in a room infested with bedbugs. Those things could come back to your house with you and are hard to get rid of.
  • @glichlegends
    I love the videos he makes. He puts so mush effort into these videos. He deserves respect
  • My favorite part of this whole video was how excited she was that you cared so much for her to read and indulge in her interests.
  • @priscilla9115
    Just binged a few of your videos , can’t help but smile because of how much positivity you spread to your viewers and everyone in your videos . So refreshing to see in these dark times on the internet :’) ❤️❤️
  • @isaiahphoto
    thank goodness there was no breast milk in the fridge 😳
  • @kelath5555
    The look on her face when she realized you read her favorite book legit made me misty-eyed. Also I am horrified and impressed at your bed bug bravery. Five stars.
  • @mszafran51
    I could not stop laughing at “Matt’s” review! 🤣 The best part is Ryan winning the jackpot lol! His humor and everything has made this an interesting video!
  • The camera falling is hilarious! 😂 Salute to Ryan for putting an effort to serve us a good content💯 Never disappoints
  • @spacechimp3199
    IF you don’t find bed bugs on the sheets it’s best to check the corners and bottom of the mattress by lifting up the fitted sheet especially at the head of the bed. Also if the backboard is fabric smack it and see if any scatter. My mom who is a nurse taught me this. Always do it at any hotel even if it’s the Ritz Carlton. Look for bloodstains and spots too.
  • I'll never understand how Ryan walks up to random people and talks to them like they're best friends
  • @IshowMinti
    Matt is the prime example of “gambling addiction”
  • @Fan-atic.
    William is a legend, I hope he’s still just sending pictures of him on one star reviews and not even talking about his experience.
  • @legendxd2489
    The way he folded the pizza had me on the floor laughing.