Hubble Space Telescope, Planet 9, Curiosity Mars Rover, Cosmic Roulette | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Published 2023-01-21
Bill Whitaker's 2017 reports on the spectacular revelations courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope, efforts to track down a ninth planet in our solar system, and the Mars rover Curiosity. And from 2013, Anderson Cooper's report on the dangers posed by asteroids falling from space.

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00:00 Introduction
00:10 Hubble Space Telescope
12:18 The Hunt For Planet 9
23:52 Curiosity Mars Rover
36:46 Cosmic Roulette

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  • @Voidy123
    The Deep Impact mission had the primary goal of studying the composition of a comet. The mission successfully demonstrated that it was possible to excavate material from beneath a comet's surface by hitting it with a spacecraft. The DART mission, on the other hand, has a different goal: to test the capability of deflecting an asteroid's path using a kinetic impact. The DART mission is a planetary defense mission which aims to demonstrate a technology that could be used to protect the Earth from a potential asteroid impact. Even though both missions involve the impact of a spacecraft, the objectives are different. The Deep Impact mission aimed to study the interior of a comet, while the DART mission aims to test asteroid deflection technology.
  • @lucyxoxo
    Please more 60-minutes space episodes!
  • I just watched this about 60 minutes. It's old news and it was fascinating to see what NASA thought of back then. So it's awesome and fascinating to see here in 2023 what Webb telescope has brought us to see and myself as a regular human being everyday person it's absolutely fascinating browse watching about Hubble telescope it brought me to tears...
  • @Dion_Mustard
    I watch this video and I am left speechless at the vastness, complexity, beauty and mystery of our universe(s). It makes you think so deeply and wonder why anything is here at all!?
    Personally I think the key to our universe's existence is down to energy , consciousness and infinity. I was also listening to a documentary about a woman who had an Out of Body Experience, and she was able to explore the universe with a "guide or being" by her side who took her on a journey through other dimensions. It was fascinating to watch and makes you wonder if when we die we BECOME part of the universe.
  • As a normal human being. I just can't get my head around this. It's fascinating it's mind blowing. It doesn't seem possible that at one point there was nothing. Then a big bang and the result are a trillion galaxies and counting. The further you go from earth the older everything is. Damn just amazing.
  • @justkiddin08
    The universe is one of my favorite things to learn about. The fact that there are billions of other Galaxies which have other solar systems in them where other civilizations could be is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing this.
  • @aphil4581
    Seeing Hubble in 3D is amazing. It really shows how this tellascope is actually a fantastic time machine!😀
  • @hilsx7518
    Not one hundred percent sure how the concept of space-time works with regard to Einstein’s theory, maybe it was because I was on a train travelling at some speed when I watched this, but I’m convinced this episode of 60 minutes lasted less than 50.
    It reminded me of that time I saw Nigel Kennedy play the Minute Waltz in 59 seconds.
    Time man....mad.
  • @jessiec4128
    I wish I had worked at NASA. I am a big fan regarding science! I Love seeing any video regarding science related. Very cool Hubble Space Telescope! Being able to see what was on the black side was Awesome!! When I was living in Fort Worth Texas I was a Fry's Electronics, years before it shut down and bought a new Telescope. And when I saw Jupiter I was extremely happy!!! one of my grandkids was at my house and she saw it too!! I could only see 4 of its moons, but the clouds was pretty clear on that planet!! We moved and my telescope is in storage, i look forward to getting it out. When I was a kid I had a telescope and one day I chose to take it out during the day time. I saw a guy picking pecans. I have no idea how far he was from me, I did yell and then look at him through my telescope. But he did not look. It was aparant he did not hear me. That was just luck because I tried that again many times and I never could see anyone during the day time again.
  • @BabyLion203
    This is so beautiful. Humans are so consumed by our petty differences, we have such tiny perceptions, we're so oblivious to the true nature of existence. We are so insignificant.
  • @amramjose
    Hubble is a marvel of engineering, hard to beat as far as technical achievements.
  • I was able to see and hear other galaxies by remote viewing. I thought it was just my imagination until months later I read a science report just released that said galaxies next to ours are much quieter. Exactly what I said and observed. We know so little and even less about what abilities we have. I don't think they want us to know. That is why no one tells what abilities they have. You will be discredited. ..???
  • With that many stars, there is 100% probability that life exists beyond Earth.
  • @hollybeth1279
    60 Minutes never disappoints! What a legacy. I always feel smarter for viewing.
  • @wba4425
    Wow the science behind the universe is so fascinating and interesting ❤
  • This is absolutely incredible, there is so much more then meets the eye ❤