Proof that the Pumpkin Man can dance to literally any song

Published 2015-10-03
**PLAY AT 1.25 SPEED**

I was careless, the previous video was muted for copyright, here's a reupload. The video as a whole is slowed down to 80% the original speed to avoid the copyright detection system, but if you change the videos settings in the gearbox located in the lower right corner of the video, you can change it to 1.25 speed, which plays the video at the intended original pace.

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  • So people actually think this is that Phil Lester guy.

    It's. It's not. It's Matt Geiler. This is confirmed by multiple sources.

    So stop commenting about it.

    But watch the video anyways, I want that ad revenue.
  • The Underboss
    My history teacher told me to study dances that could be implemented into a modern day song.

    Instead, I found one dance that can be in ANY SONG.
  • Dino Girl
    I'm currently sitting by myself enclosed in a dark room watching fucking pumpkin man dance to the Hannah Montana theme song. what the actual FUCK is my life.
  • Number 27
    With the new mobile update, I can watch this video in normal speed now!
  • Rooar
    they sync literally perfectly sometimes
  • LegoEngineer003
    He can dance to everything, attack on Titan goes to everything.

    It would be hilarious if they didn't go together.
  • Forager
    It goes PERFECT with the Spider-Man theme
  • I'm A Lemon
    2:47 is now my favourite part and most likely everyone else's too
  • s a t u r n
  • Elizabeth Perrin
    The pumpkin dance doesn't go with the AOT theme song...

    The AOT theme song goes with the pumpkin dance.

  • PYR0K1N3T1C
    Have a happy Halloween everybody!
    With love and appreciation, the person who made a majority of the subtitles to this video. <3
    Godspeed, you magnificent bastards.
  • Audrey A.
    The Attack On Titan one I was laughing so hard and then had an image of Eren doing something like this dance 😂😂😂
  • Kenneth
    I will hire this man to dance to my meme collection at my funeral
  • The genius of what the pumpkin man did is that he timed his dance moves to a 4/4 meter, which is what all of these songs are in, so if you sync it up, the beats will fall in line, which is what makes it work. (I think, I can't be bothered to do any actual research.)
  • Basil Squid
    I absolutely love the spectacular Spiderman theme and the fact that it fits is the best thing in this universe
  • Cres
    When your on mobile so you have to watch it in slow motion
  • Jinjiyoshi
    this man must be proud that his fire dance moves have been turned into one of the greatest memes of all time.