I Survived 48 Hours on Tokyo's HIDDEN Desert Island | Feat. @CDawgVA

Published 2023-09-17
Could YOU live on Tokyo's biggest island? @CDawgVA & I jet off for Wacky Weekend in the Pacific.
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00:00 Why Explore Tokyo’s Biggest Island?
02:39 We Rented Japan’s Tiniest Car
05:54 Inside an English Teacher’s Island Apartment
13:23 What Working on a Japanese Island is Like
14:47 Riding ATV’s to Japan’s Largest Black Sand Desert
18:57 Japan’s WORST Smelling Dish
23:00 What Life is Like Living on Tokyo’s Biggest Island
25:24 Diving in to the Sea
28:21 Inside an Abandoned School with Huge Spiders
33:25 The Best Curry in Tokyo
37:33 Dancing at a Japanese Summer Festival!

Feat. @CDawgVA of @TrashTaste fame.
Filmed & Edited by @PaulBallard
Special thanks to Daniel for being an amazing guide: youtube.com/@oshidan

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All Comments (21)
  • @AbroadinJapan
    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: What'd you reckon? Could you be placed on Oshima Island randomly and live there? I'll admit, the spiders were something of a deal breaker.
    Another Wacky Weekend adventure from spiders and ATV's, to volcanoes and Japanese festivals - had an absolute blast as always. Special thanks to Daniel for being such a legendary guide.
    And thanks to Insta360 for sponsoring the episode with the awesome Insta360 Go 3. Having used their cameras for the last 3 years on Journey Across Japan and Wacky Weekend, it was a ton of fun experimenting with what may be the ultimate travel vlogging camera. ⭐Grab yours over here at: store.insta360.com/product/go-3?insrc=INRF3T8&utm_…
  • @jessicanigri
    Look i'm sorry but where is your Netflix series??? The quality of these videos is INSANE. Thank you for all the effort holy fk 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • @yungje0n
    That old Japanese woman's outlook on happiness is honestly inspirational. Happiness for her doesn't stem from convenience and luxury, rather from wholeness of life; being one with world. Truly inspirational.
  • @DXPetti
    Wow - this is a genuine surprise. Thanks Chris and Connor for sharing Oshima with us. I feel like next time I go to Japan, I don't need to make my way down to Okinawa but rather get the same vibes with a 30 min sauna flight instead right out of Tokyo! Love it
  • @t5540
    Chris!! Speaking japanese with the locals again?!?! So amazing to see. The confidence, the execution. Great work man. Know you wanted to start doing that again.
  • @CoupleaNerdz
    Seriously though!! Chris is a natural documentarian!

    Turning a whacky weekend into a little documentary with stunning shots - this is what I love!!!
  • Hands down most unexpectedly heartfelt video I saw from Chris this whole year! Idk why, but Kiri-san, Kanagawa-san, and even the worker in the restaurant that asked for the correct word for the menu - so cute, so real! The festival looks straight up from the Wanokuni arc in One Piece, with everyone dancing. Amazing, really
  • @iskandertime747
    Nice to hear you speaking Japanese with such ease and confidence, Chris.
  • I’ve always wished i could experience a real traditional Japanese festival, it seems like it’d be a blast
  • @kinneas
    The people on the island are so friendly. Kanagawa-san is a true G.
  • @mrthewubbie
    I gotta tell you, your videos have really helped me learning Japanese with cultural context. The very first time I tried out my language skills on an actual Japanese person, as you have said, the first thing out of her mouth was "oh, your Japanese is so good!" Then I remembered your warning: "she doesn't really mean it, she's just being polite". So I waved the compliment off with a "zenzen", and everyone in the room lit up, laughed, and I was able to comfortably speak to them, and them to me. After assuring me that they really did, in fact, think my Japanese was pretty good for a gaijin baka, lol.
  • @Netjak
    I don't know why but i got kind of emotional seeing the festival. Seeing the lanterns and people just enjoying each others company and dancing around really hit me. What a beautiful site, and it really shows that the beauty in simplicity away from all the chaos and bustle of a large city.
  • Really love that Chris interviewed the locals himself in Japanese. Would be great to see more of it
  • @frostern8213
    Kanagawa-san's energy is contagious and i cant help but smile when she said "no mos burger"
  • @olinakin
    Chris is getting so much better at speaking Japanese on camera, I love it!
  • @StrayHat
    I always love it when Chris talks to the locals to get their perspective. Added to his own experience it gives a nice, broad view of these places.
  • @gaia7350
    chris talking with the locals is just such a nice change to see on video... that reminds me of the time he interviewed multiple people after the 2011 earthquake and how it affected their life.
    These last few months I was thinking about what was left for chris to explore in Japan but seeing these small interviews and stories about random people in Japan give me hope that Chris can make so so much more content about this beautiful country and its people
  • NGL, I feel like you could do a whole series wherein you just to go the rural, out-of-sight areas of Japan like this one and just interview the elderly.

    I might be cherry-picking here but they are all so fascinating to listen to.

    Kind, accommodating and all so eager to give you a personalised account on the local history.

    Just sit, have some tea with them and listen to a kindly old man talk your ear off about how the olden days were.

    Anyway, certainly going to write this down as a to-go place when I plan my Japan Visit.

    I prefer scenic vistas over the hustle of the city anyway.
  • @arthea3445
    So, just so you know, I've long dreamed of visiting Japan, but due to (not only) economic reasons, I never could. Now finally, I'm coming toTokyo in 2 weeks, attending a language school for three months with the GoGoNihon program, which I came to know thank to your videos. Let's just say that watching your videos, slowly gave me that little something I needed to decide to just do it, so... Thank you a lot. (Sorry for my broken english)
  • @Snugboy
    Been so amazing and inspiring seeing your quality grow and grow over the last 10 years, and this video just blew me away yet again. That 40 minutes went by in a flash. Thanks Chris and Connor!!