Lil Durk - All My Life ft. J. Cole (Official Video)

Published 2023-05-12
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Directed by Steve Cannon
Executive Produced & Edited by Nolan Riddle
Executive Produced by Peter Jideonwo "unnecessaryballing"
Produced by Tashi Bhutia
Production Company: Grade A Films


#LilDurk #JCole #AllMyLife

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  • @hiphopdx
    Love to see this collab! It brought two amazing talents into each others world. Need more of this to unite the different sections of Hip Hop. Cole World x The Voice
  • The music, the lyrics, and the kids singing in the background is everything. This is the type of music you feel in your spirit. 💯
  • @UNKNOWN32476
    I’ve been going through complete HELL with my mind and other bullshit and hearing this brung me to tears 😭cause I feel so damn alone cause I’m so trapped in my mind but then I realize I’m not alone 😭❤️ this world is full of negativity and it’s heartbreaking we need more positive stuff like this 🙏🏻😭

    Thank you Lil Durk & J Cole 🙏🏻❤️🙌🏻
  • This song is going to help a lot of people. Thank you Durk! Thank you Cole! ❤ All Praise Be To The Most High 🙌🏾
  • @j.knation204
    A truthful and powerful message for the PEOPLE!!! They don’t want songs like this. So I appreciate these guys for stepping up and stepping out fr 🙌🏾
  • One of the best rap songs of 2023, hands down. Durk and Cole killed it in every aspect.
  • No sex talk
    No nudity or shaking of ass
    No drugs or alcohol
    Just pure 100%talent
  • I feel like I’m sitting down listening to Sunday service choir. This song is so pure and must be protected at all costs.
  • When he said "I know I'm the voice but the system ain't give me a choice" 😭I felt and understood everything
  • I swear this is going to give so many kids… Hope and faith in life I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!Thanks to Durk and Jcole❤️
  • Now this is the Hip-Hop that we want back from the 90s and early 00s; inspirational and influential.! Thank you so much. I play it everyday. ❣️💪🏿✨
  • Thanks, Lil’ Durk, these words mean so much & the youngsters need to hear them!❤️🔥💯
  • This hits different man. I didn't even realize I was vibing to it after waking up today. Real Masterpiece. ❣❣
  • This is what we call music, you can even sit down with your family and watch this song rather than other songs, you have to hide it from children. Big up.
    We love you. Indeed your talent. All the love from Uganda
  • This song hits me at home because I’m a 18 year old kid who struggles with a really hard Fentanyl addiction, They don’t want to see us fail. Mental awareness isn’t spread enough it’s all about who’s making more money or toting more guns. A lot of people need help, But you can’t receive help if you don’t want it I’ll be praying for you ! ❤😢
  • Thanks for this song, positive uplifting music. Is definitely needed in this day and age ❤🙏
  • @kingD1502
    Bro, there's absolutely nothing wrong with positive music, the people are going to feel it regardless when you're talented! Feel good music
  • Fire 🔥. These two were the perfect balance on this song. The kids singing the hook had it well rounded. Different from durk which made you want to hear how he came on the track and he did very good. JC did his usual killing it.