Fixing Funko's Bad FNAF Plushies... AGAIN - FNAF 3

Published 2022-09-20
We’re back to redesigning some more of Funko’s bad FNAF plush toys! Make sure to hit that likesquatch, ring that bellsquatch, & drop a commentsquatch!!!!

Description Editor: captain_sasquatch88

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Fluttershy voice made using Uberduck ai:

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Scrappyboi’s Withered Animatronics & HW Phantom Freddy Renders:

8 Bit Devil’s Fanart:…

NuviDonnut’s Fanart:…

Pozalhuysta’s Fanart:…

Shmooms / FREDSooM’s YT Channel:

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Jerma “Birdie” Audio Clip:

Gabriel Gundacker “Guy Who Likes Music” Clip:

The Living Tombstone FNAF 3 Song - Die In A Fire Clip:

Music Used:
BGM Playlist - /playlist?list=PLQSs8X0ucpZrd6fCRiJW4UuIbs-oRZQEO

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards- Enemy Info Card Index
Five Nights At Freddy’s - Main Menu
Mega Man: Network Transmission - Unknown Track
Mega Man: Network Transmission - Relaxation
Banjo-Kazooie - Collect Jinjo
Super Paper Mario - Pit of 100 Trials
A Hat In Time - So, What’s The Plan?
Professor Layton and the Curious Village - About Town
Earthbound - You Won!
Metroid Prime - Vs. Meta Ridley
Super Mario Sunshine - Hotel Delfino
Luigi’s Mansion 3 - B2: Boilerworks
Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 - ‘Chica’s Party’ Minigame
Plants Vs. Zombies - Grasswalk
Earthbound - Pokey
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Underground Theme - Super Mario Land
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Great Fairy Queen
A Hat in Time - Deep Sea Rift
Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 - Main Menu
Mega Man 7 - Shade Man Stage
Super Mario Odyssey - Top-Hat Tower
Undertale - Another Medium
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - Hypno Baron’s Castle
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Lanayru Sand Sea (Past)
Yoshi’s Story - Credits
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Flower Field (Yoshi Touch & Go-Flower Garden)
Earthbound - You Defeated the Boss!
Kirby’s Dream Land 3 - Grass Land 2
Shane Mesa - Boom Town Special (Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!!) [Game Chops Upload- ]
Wario’s Woods - Birdo

0:00 Intro / Phantoms Overview
6:10 1. Phantom BB
7:33 2. Phantom Freddy
9:09 3. Phantom Chica
10:30 4. Phantom Cupcake / Golden Cupcake
11:42 5. Phantom Foxy
13:59 6. Phantom Mangle
14:45 7. Phantom Puppet
15:26 8. Springtrap
20:59 9. Dark Springtrap
21:53 10. Spring Bonnie
23:50 Outro

Thanks again for watching!!

Cartoon (Sting) by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


All Comments (21)
  • Ruby e402
    Made a list for all the jumpscares, loud noises, and flashing lights for those who want to watch the full video but are sensitive to those things (Note! If a timestamp has only one number, that means it lasts for only that second!)

    0:32 to 0:34 - Markiplier encountering Molten Freddy's Jumpscare (Pizza Simulator Freddy, (technically 0:33, but it's exactly at that second.) No flashing lights. No sound accompanied)
    3:08 to 3:10 - Springtrap Jumpscare (FNaF 3, with a slight flash a second later. No sound accompanied)
    3:16 to 3:18 - Phantom Chica Jumpscare (FNaF 3, with a flash a second later. No sound accompanied)
    6:04 to 6:05 - Sudden Webkins plush (Only counting this and other "jokey" ones because of the sudden appearance and in this case, Vine Boom noise, may catch some off guard.)
    6:11 to 6:13 - Phantom BB (Marked by the YT timeline categories, FNaF 3, with flash. Jumpscare noise included, Loud)
    7:33 - Youtube cat thumbnail (Marked by the YT timeline categories, slight noise/music accompanied)
    9:14 to 9:21 - Phantom Chica on a screen (Slightly marked by the YT timeline categories, slight glitchy noise and flickering screen accompanied.)
    9:33 - Bizabizow jokingly jumpscaring with the final design (No real warning outside of the lighthearted "Boo!" that Bizabizow accompanies it with.)
    10:11 - Kermit meme (It's a quick second, but it's barely a frame, so it's some semblance of a flash although it's not bright. Just thought it was worth noting to be safe.)
    13:53 to 13:59 - The sound effect signalling completion (It gets loud as it talks over Bizabizow)
    14:00 to 14:12 - Phantom Mangle... Kinda. (Marked by the YT timeline categories, Less so a jumpscare and moreso loud enough of a noise that might be overwhelming to some.)
    14:48 to 14:55 - Phantom Puppet "noises" (Slightly marked by the YT timeline categories, again, not inherently a jumpscare, but they are enough of a noise that might be overwhelming to some.)
    15:49 to 15:55 - Music Video of Die in a Fire by The Living Tombstone (A TON of flashing images/animation, minus the meme sprinkled into in)

    And the rest of the video is safe from those as far as I can tell. Enjoy the vid everyone! ^v^
  • LankyCeiling
    designing fnaf 4 characters as plushes is certainly a... difficult undertaking, to say the least. Godspeed you funky fresh artist.
  • Love how this is slowly turning more into psychological horror
  • TimeBucks
    I'm glad her transition's going well
  • KJatDawn
    Being a fnaf fan and see poorly made plushes by funko and other companies truly breaks me.However the designs you make are incredibly amazing! Keep up the good remaking plushes work!
  • The Spy
    The "I love head" scene in this episode is just comedy at it's finest imo... That aside, these plushies all look perfect, the idea with the phantoms sticking with 1 shade of Green was a great idea to keep the design balanced and uncluttered, the red stitching on springtrap is just icing ontop!
  • Kedo
    I’ve been watching the other three videos on repeat while I patiently awaited this series to continue. It’s my favorite series of yours, not even for the FNAF. I love the way you draw, your takes on redesigns are so creative, your editing never fails to make me laugh, and I love plushies. Watching these videos fills the void I didn’t know I needed in terms of what we could’ve had (all of which is why I also love your Smash Bros series as well). Keep on keeping on!
  • wnnalis cioov
    I absolutely love your plushie content so much. It really scratches a hyper-specific itch in my brain.
  • Madison
    The plushy designs are amazing but I feel like the highlight of these videos are the editing. The comedic beats before the introduction of each plush and with the celebration 🎉 makes it absolutely a delight to rewatch! I'll be looking forward to episode 5, good luck because the nightmares seem like the hardest yet!!
  • Advanced Trash
    the original design for Spring Bonnie's plush was probably inspired by her FNAF World model, where she did have eyelashes, green eyes, and a big smile. I think they did a fine enough job with that specific version of them.
    EDIT: who the f*ck cares about spring bonnie's gender. it's a fictional robot. I'm not gonna argue with y'all over this.
  • Harrison McKee
    as someone who grew up scared of these games, I really appreciate that these designs still manage to keep that horror aspect in contrast the the actual Funko designs. especially that Springtrap and withered puppet design.
    I wish you luck with FNAF4 and I look forward to seeing your eventual interpretation
  • zzuxon
    The springtrap design is just phenomenal. It's so much better than the real design that it was actually kind of shocking to see the reveal lmao.
  • Buqi
    I love your work here, I'm from Brazil and luckily I discovered this series, just wonderful.

    I hope that in the future there will be more similar ones besides fnaf, it's so nice to see the creative process creating something new and special.

    It would be perfect if one day scott would reboot the plushies together with you.
  • pinkpeppers55
    I loved the puppet as you did them before but like DAMN you made them even BETTER and using the printed gradients and various shades of green for the Phantoms was just SO GOOD! This whole lineup was really well done!!! <3
  • Seeing these videos genuinely brings me so much joy. I am really into horror and sewing/general craft and this general concept makes my brain go wirr. The little bits and your commentary make it even better.
  • MuddaShucka
    If I remember correctly, there is a plush Spring Bonnie in one of the games, and it's pretty much just a recolour of plush Bonnie. So, technically, Funko's design for a plush Spring Bonnie is more accurate than the one in this video (although Funko's design could use some improvements).
  • Ezra Ouros
    I really love this series and i'm glad you're taking your time designing the fnaf gremlin creatures instead of rushing these videos out for views. Keep up the good work!
  • Battington
    Couldn't stop smiling. The editing is gold. 10/10 plushie designs.
  • Your humor and video-editing style scratches a very specific itch in my brain that I didn't know I even had. Fantastic stuff!