Napoleon in Egypt: Battle of Aboukir 1799

Published 2024-03-01
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In 1798, during the French Revolutionary Wars, General Napoleon Bonaparte sailed with a French army to Egypt. The plan was to conquer the wealthy Ottoman province and deal a major blow to British interests in the Mediterranean. What followed was a campaign featuring legendary battles, ruthless occupation and a brutal expedition into the Holy Land, marked by Napoleon's first major military setback, and some of his most controversial decisions.
📚 Further reading:
“Bonaparte in Egypt” by J. Christopher Herold (1962)

“Napoleon in Egypt” by Paul Strathern (2007)

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  • @EpichistoryTv
    Welcome to part two of Napoleon in Egypt, rejoining the campaign as he faces imminent attack by a huge Ottoman army... but decides to take the fight to them. It's an action-packed episode that we hope you'll enjoy. Thanks to our video sponsor Ground News. Compare news coverage from diverse sources around the world on a transparent platform driven by data. Try Ground News today and get 40% off your subscription:
  • @Dikranovski
    I HAVE AN INTERESTING FACT FROM THIS TIME. When Napoleon had made the tough decision to leave his wounded behind he had entrusted them to the care of the Armenian monks in the Monastery of Saint Nicholas in Jaffa. As a sign of his gratitude, he awarded the monks his military tent that he used in that campaign alongside his sword at the time. The painting in the video around the time this medical arrangement was being discussed is the monastery in question with the crenellated white walls in the background. The monks eventually cut the tent into several pieces of ritual clothing called chasubles which were worn by deacons and other seminarians during official church services. These relics and treasures are kept in the Cathedral of Saints James in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem to this very day! I had the honor of wearing one of these chasubles many times when we were asked to assist the church in its services. As a student of history, you could imagine my happiness everytime I wore one of them since they were once a part of the very fabric tent under which Napoleon rested and planned his daring victories. Small Edit: One of the chasubles still clearly bears the original stitching which reads "tent of General Napoleon"
  • @AkshayNumberOne
    I just want to say, this is the best history channel ever. The Napoleonic content made me fall in love with History and I consider Napoleon as one of my greatest heroes. And thanks a large part to this channel, I will now be pursuing History as my career.
  • Kleber:" We are losing this war" Napoleon:" You mean YOU are losing this war. Bye!"
  • @porphyry17
    i can hear the sound of cannons near Marengo! let's march together, Epic History TV!
  • @JohnTheVlach
    20:29 this HAS to be one of the most badass moments in history. Not just the bravery, but capturing the enemy commander himself is incredible
  • @DustKingArchives
    The siege, where they cut off a Frenchman’s head and displayed it makes me think what did they expect was going to happen next? The fact that there was a slaughter afterwards does not surprise me, and should not have surprised the Ottomans.
  • Ever since your very first video on Napoleon I have been addicted this series. It's everything that the Napoleon movie isn't. It's expertly and lovingly crafted into an extremely watchable and informative video, each and every time.
  • You should also cover Suvorov's expedition in Italy, there are some great battles there!
  • @brokenbridge6316
    Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign is not talked about enough. Loved the video. It was great to listen too.
  • @hoin3371
    Documentary films are popular in Korea... Thank you so much for releasing such a great historical documentary for free.^^
  • @kaiserd4914
    Eagerly waiting for the battle of Marengo. Truly astonishing series!
  • @Abdullatif-pj7wq
    As a Person who was started War and Peace just hours before, that's video would be perfect for me to Understand Napoleonic era and his influence on Europe. Thank you Epic History❤❤❤❤ because your work deserves treasure but you give to us free.
  • Love the new logo guys! Great job on it. And your Napoleónic content is awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵
  • @kolerick
    Kleber: "1500 against 30000? I like those odds."
  • I’ve learned more about napoleon from this channel than in any history class. Heard a lot about this infamous siege. Looking forward to finally seeing it
  • @timjones2822
    It's incredible what Napoleon achieved with so little resources and men against such odds time after time. If the British didn't sink the French fleet and he kept receiing small amounts of reinforcements it's not impossible he could have marched onto and taken Constantinople in a couple of years considering how poorly the ottomans were performing on land.
  • @henrypeet159
    Just casually mentions the fact that Junot defeated a cavalry force 10 times his size (400-500) against 5000
  • @velatios
    New Epic History Napoleon stuff, love to see it. Waterloo Remastered is a dream.