10 Kitchen Gadgets You NEED on Amazon in 2023!

Published 2023-09-19
I thought it was about to time to make a NEW list of the 10 BEST smart kitchen gadgets on amazon in 2023. These are serious MUST HAVES and will make your life easier! Watch now!

Here is a link to all Amazon products mentioned in this video: (prices can change at anytime!)
- Portable Water Pump: bit.ly/455SUic
- Fridge Storage Dividers: bit.ly/3PGrwTc
- All In One Corn Cob Tool: bit.ly/3RnqzAF
- Portable Stove Pot: bit.ly/3PKGuYC (Price has adjusted by $3, CLIP COUPON!)
- Paper Plate Dispenser: bit.ly/3sYOZpX
- Kitchen Counter Gap Cover: bit.ly/46ix77Y
- 2 Pack Toothpick Dispenser: bit.ly/46e2XCA
- Jar Condiment Fork: bit.ly/3Lvd2Db
- Garlic Mincer with Wiper Blade: bit.ly/3PF4igh
- Quick Pepper Corer: bit.ly/3EHDFRJ
- Butter Stick Holder and Spreader: bit.ly/3PgvP6o
- Bacon Grease Strainer & Collector: bit.ly/46joc5R
- 4 Pack Oven Rack Shields: bit.ly/3LovbCQ
- Fake Can Safe: bit.ly/48wwgCu
- Egg York Separator: bit.ly/3RsclOS
- Push Down Egg Whisk: bit.ly/44T7gC9
- Spinning Colander : bit.ly/3LvcFZg
- 4 Pack Foldable Spoon Rest: bit.ly/3PjZwUd
- 8 Pack Bag Clips: bit.ly/3LvdkKh
- Air Fryer Silicone Liners (Circle): bit.ly/3EIXRT7
- Air Fryer Silicone Liners (Rectangle): bit.ly/3RphBTm
- Visual Timer: bit.ly/3rlCggE
- 2 Pack Acrylic Magnetic Dry Erase Board: bit.ly/3PGsjDE

**These are affiliate links. If you buy something through these link I may get a small share of the sale.

I have been seeing so many of these amazon kitchen product videos around youtube so i thought it would be great if I did a best kitchen gadgets and home tools video. You may have seen amazing kitchen gadgets videos from creators like Eco Gadgets and DaveHax, so i thought I'd make 10 amazon products you need and things you need from amazon but with a smart kitchen gadgets 2023 twist!

Similar to my other best amazon products 2023 hauls this kitchen gadgets 2023 video is the best kitchen gadgets to make your life easier and 10 kitchen gadgets you need at good prices. They are a mix of 2023 smart kitchen gadgets 2023 and amazon products 2023 that are kitchen gadgets amazon. Don't miss these best kitchen gadgets and amazon kitchen gadgets!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • @thedealguy
    Please give this video a THUMBS UP! 😀 You all commented asking for more Amazon Product videos so I thought this NEW 2023 Kitchen Gadget video would be super fun and interesting. I hope you like it! What part of the house should I tackle next??
  • @flipnawesome5756
    The easiest egg separator is actually free. It’s your hand. Yes, crack the egg into a bowl, pour the egg into your hand at the fingers, open your fingers slightly and the whites will quickly and gently slip between your fingers. It’s a bit messy but it works.
  • @lisachurch4967
    I use the egg shell halves to seperate the yolk and white. As soon as I crack the egg I pour the egg back and forth between the two halves and the white falls into the bowl; the yolk stays in one half.
  • @5boysandamom
    My son travels for work and doesn't want to go to restaurants. He absolutely loves his Denzin pot! It packs perfectly in his suitcase. He's had it 2 years now. Easy to clean.
  • @tamicrist2865
    Matt rub those burnt toasts together, that's gives you lighter toast without waste and you don't have to eat that burnt toast lol
    Also use an empty water bottle to remove the egg yolks it works great no needed extra gadgets! Love y'all! Tami
  • @WarzolJR
    You don't need to buy a product for separating egg yolks, just use an empty 16 oz plastic water bottle! Works great! I used one to make my mom some dark chocolate lava cake souffles as a part of her Mother's Day dinner a couple of years ago!
  • @LadyPatriciaT
    I really enjoy your channel, my friend! Keep up the good work.
  • @annefreed
    Thanks Matt and Daria! I agree with Daria; this pickle fork which attaches to the bottle is ingenious! No more grabbing a fork to use or…the dreaded two finger pull out!
  • Matt! I have that corn stripper & LOVE IT! We have a freeze dryer and I bought 3 dozen ears of corn at a local farmers market. Hubby stripped all 3 dozen in about 12 minutes. What a time saver! Highly recommend this gadget!
  • @NoNames-vw3bq
    Oh Matt, I don't NEED any of those things but I sure do WANT a couple of them! 😂
  • @TheMCvamp
    I do not think your jokes are below average! They are my fave. Keeps me comin back 😄
  • @jackijax505
    Hello everyone 🤜🏻🤛🏻
    The first one, the water bottle nozzle thing is freaking awesome!! I have 2.
  • @cherylbosch1302
    We have the silicone air fryer liners and they are great! We use clothespins as chip clips and to close bread bags. They’re super cheap and if you or the kids lose them, no big deal! Nice to see your family in this one!
  • @xUnic31x
    Last weekend, I did some decluttering and organizing at home. I’m literally looking for kitchen items that’s cute and functional 😂😂 Perfect timing!
  • @lfhaneman
    Besides the (very cute) family displaying the products, I especially appreciate your smooth transitions between items in all your videos. This is evidence of a lot of hours behind the scenes. Thanks for your time and keeping us in the know about these gadgets!
  • @waltg5165
    The can of corn/etc. safe. I think it is a decent idea, personally I would forget, probably toss it eventually. At the same time, I can see kitchens across the country filled with open cans of food from people looking for a safe. People taking donations at the soup kitchen or homeless shelter scanning the cans. In 20 years there will be stories, a stranger donated me a box of food and when I opened the beans there was 50k inside!!.

    Good times to come, I lost my life savings in beans. You invested in beans? No, I put all of my money in a can of beans, $50k and I can't find it!!
  • @ssz28envy
    I know this is not the same as rubber gap fillers, but when I replaced my stove I had to move a cabinet and cut the counter to widen the hole as I was replacing a drop in stove with a slide in stove. The edges of the counter were ugly, uneven, and even chipped in one spot. I took a flat aluminum bar, cut it to size, painted it black with appliance paint, and glued it down around the new range on the counter. It covered the imperfections and filled the gaps nicely. Just a more permanent solution. Cost about $40 total.
  • @Lisasimpsonfan
    I have that water pump. I have been using it for months and it works great. It is so nice to not have to break down and clean an office sized water dispenser anymore. 👍
  • Some great ideas! I especially like the corn 🌽 kernal remover.
    You can make your own veggie/soup/fruit can "safe". You will need a safety can opener (removes the lid without leaving sharp edges) and a can with a pop top. Open the BOTTOM of the can, empty contents and wash and dry can completely. Place money/valuables in the can and replace the bottom of the can. Because of the way it was removed, sometimes there is a little bit of glue left on the lid and you can firmly press it back on. A little Elmer's glue helps,too. These also make cute containers for gift cards, cash or candy. Just wrap with decorative paper "label" and decorate with ribbon,etc.
    Thanks, Matt, for another great video. Love you, too!