Inside the NBA reacts to Pat Bev & DeAndre Ayton Altercation

Published 2022-11-22

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  • @emmanueloppong9778
    How can these guys say the same jokes for over 10 years and still make me laugh😂😂. Best show on TV
  • @grim..sentinel9500
    Pat Bev and AD stepping over Reaves to confront a fallen Ayton is ICONIC
  • @alfonsosimmons9987
    These dudes never disappoint with the jokes bro 😂😂🤷‍♂️
  • @theo7044
    Love how chuck started by saying that you should only fight during the game then proceeds to end with the fact he still wants to punch Scott haha
  • @robosdrumworld
    I’m Warriors fan but I’m with Pat Bev on this one IJS. He defended his teammate. This is something the Lakers actually needed!
  • @Crazy_bene
    A wise man once said “Everybody acts tough when they're up” - Luka Doncic
  • @exmarina
    Pat is a Great Teammate,my Full Respect!
  • @kmancio95
    Love how Shaq is stirring the pot with the bad boy Pistons 😂
  • The push with CP looks more violent, but the push with Ayton could of potentially do more damage. CP had at least both of his legs under control during the fall. Ayton was in a tripping motion since Reaves was there. The body check isn't a big deal, but it's because Reaves was right next to his feet that you know he was going for a trip.
  • @tahirjamil6245
    Good to see Shaq starting to take jokes well 😄
  • @Zer0Edits00
    No cap, I applauded Pat Bev for this.. should never let someone disrespect your teammate like this
  • @mr_ovo_
    Patrick Beverley did the right thing. The suns love to taunt but NO ONE is scared of them boys 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
  • @briantep458
  • @totalmad2458
    Soft ass refs bro, the fact that they give Jayson Tatum a tech for clapping his hands but ignore ayton taunting and standing over someone is outrageous
  • @martelmccoy9533
    The refs should have made the tech call against Booker before Bev got involved and that would have eliminated all of the aftermath. Shout out to Beverly for showing up and showing out by all means necessary 🙌 👏 👌
  • @charlesgerety1403
    At some point the players have to take matters into their own hands not let a guy punk you out. The refs can't do everything at times a player has to do it himself. I think the refs lowkey likely agree with Pat to not to let a teammate get disrespected right in front of him. He did the right thing but they wont admit it.
  • @jaymilo8425
    Best sports show period! "Lemme have one more punch lord" 🤣🤣🤣 Chuck ain't never been scared!
  • “Every time you saw Bill Lambier he was getting punched in the face” “That don’t mean you can fight”🧏🏾‍♂️😏
  • @mellyano5936
    Shaq: D. Fisher was tough
    Matt Barnes: Hold my beer
  • @robertdietz1732
    Bev was right on that block…but that clap back from booker was on point