This Video Game Trend is Killing Single Player Games

Published 2024-05-27

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  • @g.abiera
    2004 - You go into a store to find a game 2024 - You go into a game to find a store :(
  • @GonzoDuke
    Boycotting Live service games is my passion.
  • @H2whoaMusic
    Maybe it's because I'm getting old, but the decline of single player games is something that really bothers me. I just don't care about online play
  • @PinkBroBlueRope
    I'm old enough to remember when multiplayer was a side mode to the main game instead of whole game in and of itself. Ive never had any of these issues playing singleplayer games
  • @mintnite
    The trend is called corporate greed
  • @Jeagan2002
    The good news is, we aren't losing great devs. We're losing companies that used to employ great devs. Many of those devs are starting their own companies and are still making great games. Don't stay loyal to a brand, the brand doesn't mean anything. Too many c-suites using the brand to rake in money using piss poor products over the last decade.
  • @user-pn7wq9cl1g
    I'm a solo dev who dropped out of college because I almost instantly burn out when trying to adapt to another programmer's way of thinking. When I was in school minoring in game design, all I ever heard was, "you're thinking too much like a player; you need to remember that at the end of the day you're making a product". lol, lmao even. this mindset is killing the industry. they forget that game developers are artists whose tool is so extraordinarily difficult to completely assemble, because life is too short to learn how to model, animate, mix audio, compose music, voice act, write, write well, write one or more modular stories, operate a game engine or create one from scratch, write synergistic code drawing upon at least five facets of computer science considered to be entirely different professions, and then wield all of those at once for up for 10+ years... so most of us specialize and cooperate. many colleges attempt to suck the creativity out of aspiring game developers, by urging them to actively try to maximize profitability like most other businesses. Art doesn't work like that. You don't get valuable art with whatever the fuck the AAA studios' bigwigs have been on this last decade. You get valuable art when you, for the most part; put a bunch of talented developers in a studio, give them a good manager who understands the vision of the group's visionaries, and throw sandwiches at them every day for 2-6 years. "Waaaaaaah but I want my profit now!" Oh, so you only want to make 10% when you could've let your boys cook for real and gotten 110%? Understandable, have fun reading your reviews.
  • @AliciaGuitar
    As an antisocial introvert i avoid all games that force interaction with live players. But now even single player games require online servers for absolutely NO reason.
  • @johng6350
    Steve Jobs described this situation a long time ago. These studios were started and built by the product people. That's where the masterpieces came from. However, now, the salespeople are in charge. Salespeople know sales. They don't know games, they don't know development, and their definition of 'fun' is completely alien to their customers'.
  • @MrTrueCaller619
    Suicide Squad getting 60% is criminal, it should've gotten 20 at most.
  • My sister works with a mobile game development company, and is always complaining about the suits messing with everything, and how the company is really scummy. So i ask her why she won't leave it, and she says that there are two reasons: 1) the company ate up most of the local competition, so they're literally nowhere to leave to, and 2) she still needs the working experience in the industry if she wants to sign up for another serious company (working remotely for some foreign company). I have to wonder, though, if working for another big company's gonna be any different and she won't just end up making indie games. 😁
  • @editingahmad
    All these once great studios really became Dutch from RDR2. "I have a plan", "We just need more money"
  • It grinds my gears when a single player game is always online or need a connection to fucking launch every time
  • @Nomad-bl4yw
    Don't forget chasing ESG money instead of sales money
  • @T1Oracle
    This is why I play retro style games by indie developers. No micro transactions in those.
  • @Kazuron
    The worst part is that the company sees the games failure as "oh, people just aren't interested in gaming anymore. lets pull out entirely" instead of listening when people say they hated about the game.
  • “The mindless pursuit of profit over sensible business planning is the real problem here.” could be said about many problems in society right now.
  • @_clorp
    Turning every commodity into wall street is fucking the whole planet over big time
  • @adamfillman9020
    I remember when my video games didn’t have ads every time I press the pause button. DLC also used to be something worth looking forward to